What are ‘Automated Personalities’?

Automated Personalities are computer generated images that resemble real human beings. These digital actors an be easily tuned to any personality type, and software allows the ability to automatically insert a “personality” as an actor would perform any script — just like a real human actor would. Automated Personalities can instantly act along with a recorded or live human voice, providing an automatic visual representation — complete with believable, consistent gestures and expressions. It is considered to be the next generation of computer interactivity; the creation of highly realistic, 3-D artificial human characters that emote, and respond to and interact with users in real time. Long promoted by Transhumanists, they are seen as superior to humans by having very reliable memories and can be better controlled by using programmable software. One company now even offers something called PeoplePutty, which claims to create the most compelling, advanced, and engaging artificial
emotion engine the world has ever seen.


What are ‘Automated Personalities’?

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