The Jew Who Mistook His Patients for Federal Reserve Notes

The recent death of famous homosexual Neurologist Oliver Sacks unleashed a torrent of weepy platitudes about this monstrous and wealthy jewish doctor. From the “Wall Street Journal” to “NPR”, nary a critical word was spoken about this sad excuse for a Doctor by any of the usual shills in mainstream media.

Predictably, many of the legacy media tributes portrayed this very disturbed individual as some sort of Saint. But, per usual, the truth about Oliver Sacks is much stranger than the fictions created by jewish controlled Hollywood who turned one of his books into a now famous film. The jewish controlled book publishing industry also promoted many of his other works that purported to “tell his story”.150219_prm_oliver_sacks_16x9_992

Oliver Sacks is known in the public consciousness as someone who made a lucrative second career, because his primary one, as a physician, did not pay him enough money. Sacks is credited with authoring a number of best-selling books, many of which were likely ghost-ritten by the numerous homosexual journalists, poets and authors that Sacks surrounded himself with.  Sacks most publicly recognized work is “Awakenings”, which was turned into an Academy Award nominated film in 1990. Interestingly, the star of “Awakenings”, Robin Williams, who allegedly committed suicide in 2014 after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, was said to have been a guinea pig himself of another eccentric doctor. It is now documented that while still a struggling actor, Robin Williams worked with the bizarre Dr. John C. Lilly, who is famous for introducing the world to dolphin intelligence, floatation tanks, and the street drug Ketamine (“Special K”). Note: Special K has long been the abused designer “drug of choice” for those on the “gay circuit” i.e. homosexual orgies. Dr. Lilly’s early discoveries in communications between humans and dolphins was co-opted by the military, who funded the “studies” . Some also claim that Dr. Lilly was able to successfully get a dolphin to commit suicide. The Pentagon later weaponized the technology into the form of neurological weapons, which are now deployed widespread on the US population as part of the jewish-invented “War On Terror”.

XNYZ, HFO (NYT16) NEW YORK -- Dec. 3, 2001 -- SCI-SACKS-CHEMICALS -- Dr. Oliver Sacks, the neurologist and author, has recently rediscovered his passion for chemistry. As a boy, he indulged this interest by setting up a laboratory in the laundry room of his parents' home in London. Sacks in his office in New York. (Andrea Mohin/The New York Times)

Oliver Sacks first and foremost was a lifelong Zionist. Sure, he made public statements during his life disavowing Judaism and all forms of organized religion, but that was mostly a ploy to further his “second career” as an author whose many ghost-written works were specifically designed for easy adaptation into Hollywood feature films and made-for-TV documentaries. Even while the mainstream media still inaccurately promote that Sacks was some type of atheist, they must’ve missed his Op/Ed piece “Sabbath” in the jewish-owned New York Times that was published just a few days before his death.

In this Op/Ed, Sacks speaks fondly as a life-long Zionist, mentioning that “In 1955, as a 22-year-old, I went to Israel for several months to work on a kibbutz.” As his Op/Ed correctly states, Sacks was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household in England and was deeply involved in jewish community-organizing for Israel. After his immigration into the US, Sacks also ate like a devout Zionist Jew, proudly proclaiming in numerous interviews that he subsisted solely on Gefilte fish.

“Gefilte fish, for those unaware, is a quintessentially Jewish food made of ground white fish, onion, egg whites, and a few other things. It’s eaten primarily on Passover, sometimes served over a bed of lettuce, and often can be found hours after it’s served, still untouched at the table, sitting idly in front of family members who care not for its moist, gelatinous fishiness. The reason it’s so frequently devoured with horseradish, some argue, is because it’s the only way one can stand the taste.”

For those who claim that Oliver Sacks was not a fanatical Zionist, should take a look at his autobiography, “On the Move”. In it are a photo with the following caption: “On a trip to Jerusalem, in 1955, my mother greeted the future Prime Minister (of Israel) Levi Eshkol, My father and I are standing beside her”. Oliver Sacks also talks about a cousin named Aubrey Eban, who later became deputy Prime Minister of Israel.

Just about everybody misses the fact that Oliver Sacks didn’t consider himself to be a human being at all. In fact, in an Op/Ed in the NY Times earlier in 2015, he wrote; “Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure.”

As you can read above, Sacks doesn’t ever refer to himself as a human being. He actually refers to himself as something “less than human” i.e. an animal.    So does this make the Dr Sacks just a lovable eccentric? Let’s take a look at one of his outside interests. Sacks often mentioned in interviews about his love of swimming. Lots of people like to swim, but Sacks “swimming” behavior definitely veered into the pathological. He didn’t swim like other swimmers, he swam, well…like a fish?

In an interview, Sacks actually bragged about swimming in the toxic and polluted waters off of the South Bronx in New York City. There’s actually tons of interview and articles still online about Sacks strange “swimming activities”. He also was quite candid about his shall we say, “fetish”?

Did Oliver Sacks really believe he was actually some sort of fish? Perhaps this jewish doctor is just jokingly referring to himself as a “fish out of water”? If not, he certainly considered his patients to be “Aliens” from another world. The author Alicia Verlager noted the “science fiction” aspect to the title of Sacks’ book, which frames his disabled patients. In fact Sacks even titled one of his own books, “An Anthropologist on Mars”. Again, another example of  Sacks referring to his human patients them as “aliens” from a different planet.

However, Sacks’ use of his preoccupation with people with disabilities as the foundation for his professional career has led many disability advocates to compare him to P. T. Barnum, whose own professional career (and its subsequent monetary profit) was based to a large degree upon his employment of PWD as “freaks.” …

The framing of his disabled patients as “aliens” from a other planets is a recurring theme throughout Sacks’ works. Sacks is both the self-appointed expert and the official storyteller of the “experience of disability”. But there is something downright creepy about his framing of the disabled patients as “freakish”, or “abnormal”. Disability Studies Scholars and Disability Advocates term what Sacks was doing as “cashing in on the entertainment of disability”.

Contrary to public opinion, Oliver Sacks was a seriously mentally disturbed individual. For starters, this is a man who tried to self-medicate at an early age. In interviews, he has frequently bragged publicly about his consumption of illegal street drugs while early in his career as a Doctor.

“The years in which Sacks lived in California were the ones in which he experimented with everything. LSD, marijuana, amphetamines (he once took 400 over two days time and survived it). He made friends with the gay poet Thom Gunn. He rode up and down the coast sheathed in leather on his motorcycle and using his middle name, Wolf, rather than his more formally English first name.

“For a time in his adult years, Sacks was an addict. LSD and amphetamines regularly coursed through his now-lauded brain.”

“His heavy experimentation began in 1962, as he was starting his neurology residency in San Francisco.”

“He would take drugs by himself on Sunday mornings. Once he hallucinated that two of his friends had come over to visit. He didn’t realize they weren’t there until he finished cooking them breakfast. Minutes later, he thought a helicopter was landing in his apartment. Then he found himself discussing mathematical paradoxes with a spider.”

Does this sound like a “Good Doctor” to you? If you were sick with an illness, or any sort of injury would you visit a doctor who was constantly out of their mind on speed and other street drugs such as LSD?

Oddly, Sacks only publicly revealed his life as a homosexual within a year of his death. In a more recent interview, he “reminisced” about homosexual orgies fueled by street drugs. All of this was pre-AIDS of course. Can one get any more stereo typically homosexual than moving into the YMCA in San Francisco? Indeed, Sacks lived the “lifestyle”.

“Sacks’ own heart was a lot lighter in the US, when — settling in San Francisco — he discovers the joys of living at the Y”


So why did Sacks wait to “come out” publicly about his homosexuality until it was politically correct to do so? While Sacks claims to have been celibate in the thirty years prior to his death, we suspect that he was indeed HIV positive.  Officially, the mainstream media broadcast his cause of death as “Melanoma” of the eye.

While we cannot be certain whether Sacks was indeed infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, he certainly was out there having unprotected sex while the AIDS virus was unknowingly being passed around. Even if he did not contract AIDS, one has to question his medical judgment. After all, here’s an elite medical doctor participating in homosexual orgies? If Sacks did not acquire AIDS, there was certainly all sorts of sexually-transmitted diseases that were rampant in the homosexual community prior to the AIDS outbreak. Chlamydia, crabs, scabies, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, Herpes and syphilis- just to name a few. It should be noted that when the AIDS epidemic was in full swing about 30 years ago, many of those initially infected became celibate, not wishing to pass on the deadly virus to others. If he were indeed HIV positive, we doubt that was the main reason for his sexual abstinence. As a medical doctor, Sacks most probably feared the ramifications of being re-infected with HIV.


If the “Good Doctor” did indeed have HIV complications, this would explain his attraction to his publicly named gay lover, Bill Hayes. While Hayes does not publicly reveal his HIV status as homosexual, he has written extensively about being around the human carnage during the height of the AIDS epidemic. In fact, Hayes has admitted being sexually attracted to it.


“I moved from Seattle to the Castro, as if to another country, in July of 1985, right at the time when Rock Hudson died and every newspaper was filled with stories about the deadly virus. I was 24. I had come out to my family about a year before, though I’d been sexually active since I was a teenager. When I told my father I was moving to San Francisco, ‘ground zero’ in the epidemic, he said he thought I might as well commit suicide. But I was ecstatic to be at the center of it all, living in a ratty flat off Diamond Street with four roommates, three cats, and a spectacular view of the city. “

Bill Hayes is a prolific author and most likely either co-wrote or “ghost wrote” all or some of Sacks’s books. At the very least, Sacks would’ve gone to his homosexual lover Hayes as a sort of “Book Doctor”, as his lengthy tomes most certainly have needed re-writes at some point in their creation. Not surprisingly, Hayes also worked for the jewish owned New York Times. According to Hayes own website:

“The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in nonfiction, Bill Hayes is a frequent contributor to The New York Times and the author of three books: “Sleep Demons: An Insomniac’s Memoir“; “Five Quarts: A Personal and Natural History of Blood“; and “The Anatomist: A True Story of Gray’s Anatomy.

A photographer as well as a writer, his photos have appeared in Vanity Fair, the Wall Street Journal, and on CBS Evening News. He is currently at work on two new books: “Sweat: A History of Exercise” and “Insomniac City,” a collection of his essays about life in New York, to be accompanied by a selection of his photographs.”

“Hayes has been a Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome, the recipient of a Leon Levy Foundation grant, and a Resident Writer at Blue Mountain Center. He has also served as a guest lecturer at Stanford, NYU, UCSF, University of Virginia, and the New York Academy of Medicine. He lives in New York City.”

It should be stated that homosexual couples behave very, very differently than heterosexual couples. Recent Supreme Court rulings aside, man to man has sex is much different than man to woman intercourse. Usually, long term, serious minded homosexual male couples initially find each other through casual sex. And in the homosexual world, “Kink is King”. In other words, “vanilla sex” is considered to be “boring”. Did the fetish for “man sweat” and other bodily fluids bring Oliver Sacks together with Bill Hayes as a couple? According to Sacks own admission:

“Writing of “Mel,” a fellow bodybuilder he befriended at Muscle Beach in Venice, California and came to live with during his time as a weight-lifting enthusiast who specialized in “squat lifts,”…”I found it difficult to concentrate and was very conscious, almost hyperaware, of Mel’s physical presence, not the least his virile animal smell, which I loved.”

Bill Hayes was also very interested in the topic of man-sweat, and actually wrote an acclaimed book about it.

“Hayes is now at work on a book in which he is exploring a largely overlooked chapter in the history of medicine: the development of exercise—a form of physical activity distinct from sport, play, or athletics. “Titled Sweat: A History of Exercise”, the book will be published by Bloomsbury USA/UK. In Sweat, Hayes traces the origins of exercise in Western and Eastern traditions, and chronicles how exercise has evolved over time, both influenced by and exerting influence on changes in the larger culture. Whereas in “The Anatomist” he dealt with the literal dissection of the human body, in Sweat he is dissecting the dynamics of human movement. Plato, Galen, and the ‘Einstein of human perspiration’” Japanese scientist Yas Kuno, among many others, appear in the book, but chief among the historical figures is Girolamo Mercuriale, a Renaissance-era physician and author who aimed to singlehandedly revive the ancient “art of exercising” through his book De arte gymnastica (1569).”

“In Five Quarts: A Personal and Natural History of Blood (2004), he wove together memoir and medical history in an examination of the five quarts of vital fluid that run through each of us. The Boston Globe called Five Quarts “playful and powerful . . . profoundly moving. Hayes writes with so much panache that reading this book is thrilling.”

Strangely, the search of a cure for AIDS, or at least a vaccine; is not even mentioned by Sacks in any of his works. This is even after he publicly admitting losing close friends to the epidemic. So wouldn’t a homosexual doctor at least do some research into a manufactured virus that has claimed the lives of nearly 40 million people?


For all of his work with his “beloved patients”, Dr. Oliver Sacks was unable to really cure- absolutely anybody. In fact, he couldn’t even cure his own Brother.

“Dr Sacks was even a family member of someone with severe mental illness. He had a brother with schizophrenia and, like so many such siblings, struggled with whether he did enough to help.”

Sacks actually believed himself to be mentally ill, and has publicly stated in numerous interviews of being a mental health consumer for 46 plus years.

“He has been in psychoanalysis, continuously and with the same Freudian interlocutor, for 46 years—remarkable for a materialist neurologist. ‘We were both young men, and now we’re old men. There’s a longitudinal study for you’” he says. The two remain on formal terms: ‘He’s still Dr. Shengold, and I am still Dr. Sacks,’ he says. ‘I think that a patient can become a friend, but that one shouldn’t be a doctor to a friend—there is a distance, which paradoxically allows closeness, as I feel with my own patients.’”

Sacks publicly disclosed the name of his Freudian psychoanalyst, a jewish doctor named Leonard Shengold.

“Leonard Shengold is a practicing psychoanalyst affiliated with the Psychoanalytic Institute at New York University”

For those that don’t know “psychoanalysis” is based on the work of an infamous jewish intellectual named Sigmund Freud. Early in his career, he was considered to be a failed hypnotist, as “Mesmerism”; popularized by Franz Mesmer, was the choice of the day for treatment of mental maladies.

During Freud’s time, his “psychoanalysis” was pejoratively known as the “Jewish Science”. Prior to World War II, there was a general perception growing amongst the German population in Europe that that jewish intellectuals like Freud were subverting German traditional culture. His “psychoanalysis” was one aspect of this concern. As a result, Freud’s books were banned and then burned in 1933. This apparently set off Freud’s “Fight or Flight” response, and he immigrated to America. On board the ship Freud did not feel he was bringing America a new panacea. With his wretched wit he told his traveling companion, “We are bringing America the plague.”

We won’t delve too much into Freud’s preoccupation with Zionism here, but will note that he saw himself as a “Hannibal who was conquering Rome” (Rome signifying the Church and European traditional morality)

Predictably, later in life, Freud’s children all became members of numerous Zionist youth organizations. Sadly, to this day the sham of the “Jewish Science” of Freudian psychoanalysis continues to bamboozle the public and the mainstream psychology industry. Imagine paying a doctor for a $100 session twice a week for 46 years? Sounds like this “Jewish Science” is just another jewish financial swindle.


There has been much jewish propaganda throughout the years, depicting World War II Germany as a hotbed for medical experimentation on innocent civilians. We won’t get into debunking the “Holocaust” or “Holo-Hoax” as it is known to many here, but will note that little criticism has been directed at Sacks for his overt exploitation of his disabled patients. This is a doctor who turned his medical wards into a theater of the grotesque- and cashed in on it. He sought out patients with very rare and unusual neurological disorders and made them into effect, a highbrow freak show and invited the public to be an audience and gawk at his cultivated human oddities. Obviously, this real-life “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” translated well financially for Sacks into lucrative book and movie deals.

The real lesson of Dr. Oliver Sacks is that when your doctor becomes an author, the patient relationship has been particularly violated. Sacks’ own decision to write about his own patients as uncanny medical specimens (in one book, he reproduces a note that describes a dancing patient as “an idiot Nijinsky”) is at at odds with the carefully cultivated “sensitivity” of his “good doctor” media persona. Many Neurologists will candidly tell you today that they have no use for Sacks, who provided no new insights for the profession and who always treated his patients like a carnival side show. In fact, many will tell you off the record, Sacks is just a jewish huckster, who shamelessly exploited extreme human suffering for personal financial gain. Dr. Oliver Sacks is indeed the jew who mistook his patients for Federal Reserve Notes.
Postscript February 2017: New information has come to light that Bill Hayes, like Oliver Sacks, was just another huckster who enjoyed making money off the sick and the dying.  We now know that Bill Hayes didn’t move to San Francisco at the height of the AIDS epidemic to seek romance- he went there to make money off the sick
and the dying. This is confirmed in a recent article in the NY Post:
“Hayes had come out in 1984 and was working as a fundraiser during the height of the AIDS epidemic.”  And to show you how unpopular Oliver Sacks really was while he was alive; had a  “telephone address book consisted of six names.” We’re betting that the names were of his accountant, Hollywood Agent, lawyer and three “incidental” people that Sacks relied upon, likely to do with his real estate ownership.




The Jew Who Mistook His Patients for Federal Reserve Notes

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