Jewish Hate Groups Target 9/11 Truth Movement


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is one of the wealthiest Zionist organizations in America, and our politicians treat it almost like a branch of the federal government. But many who read material issued by the ADL, believe it is a “hate group” according to its own criteria.

url  The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has cultivated more of a left-wing image than the ADL. Not surprisingly, the SPLC is actually a “hate group” if we judge it by its own criteria. In 2012, the SPLC labeled anti-gay marriage advocates, “Family Research Council,” as a “hate group,” which inspired a gay activist to shoot one of the organization’s security guards!

A third example of a Jewish hate group is the small but extremely active Anti-Racist Action (ARA). If the ADL is a hate group, ARA certainly qualifies. While the ADL uses temperate language, the ARA has a shrill, “politically correct” tone, accusing people who disagree with their policies as being “Neo-Nazis.” The ARA attempts to blackmail progressive movements, such as co-ops, into censoring discussions of Jewish power.


The ADL attempts to discredit Palestinian activists by claiming they are somehow connected to “Islamic terrorists,” and ARA tries to link them to “Neo-Nazi” domestic terrorists.

Both the ADL and ARA have long harassed activists within the 9/11 truth movement. In the movement’s early days, 9/11 Truth generally held Republican president George W. Bush and the CIA responsible for “orchestrating” the September 11th attacks. This was acceptable to many on the Jewish left, but when the 9/11 Truth movement presented specific evidence of Israeli involvement, these “anti-racist” groups started opposing all 9/11 Truth.


Groups like the ARA seem to be more concerned with promoting ethnic interests, and not the truth. Recently, a group of self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” activists even started a public boycott of a bike store in Portland, Oregon, because the owner is involved in Portland’s 9/11 Truth movement!


Jewish Hate Groups Target 9/11 Truth Movement

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