Elders of Zion: David Horowitz


David Horowitz is a pundit known for his stridently anti-Islamic rhetoric. Since the false flag 9/11 attacks, Horowitz has gained attention as a leading member of a network of well-funded organizations and public figures that have helped drive the Israel-First discourse in the US. His acerbic anti-Muslim rhetoric frequently dovetails with one-sided support for the illegal state of Israel and contempt for Palestinian civilians. Even though the 9/11 attacks were perpetuated by US and Israel military assets, Horowitz still champions the idea that “Islamo-fascism” represents the great evil confronting US. Horowitz was a vocal supporter of the George W. Bush administration post-9/11 “War On Terror,” including the decision to invade Iraq. According to a study conducted by Harvard’s Kennedy School, each of the 866,181 US soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan is expected to cost the government approximately $2 million in long-term medical costs. The total cost for all soldiers injured came in at $1.7 trillion, including $800 billion already allocated for injured veterans and the cost of long-term care for an extra 50,000 casualties currently counted by the Pentagon.

Elders of Zion: David Horowitz

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