Killing for Israel: Meet Carnivore


We know that domestic serial killers are widely vilified. Yet the ones who kill in the name of “Israel-First” are honored. A new book; Carnivore tells the story of Dillard Johnson, who claims he murdered 2,746 civilians in Iraq.


Dillard’s total body-count is second only to the late Chris Kyle, the US Navy Seal who had 16 kills in Iraq, and whose story is in a best-selling book.  With his 2,746 confirmed kills, Sgt. 1st Class Johnson is the deadliest American soldier on record. Carnivore, describes his multiple tours of Iraq, including how he counted those he murdered by tallying human heads — amongst the mangled or charred wreckage.


The book also reveals on how invading US soldiers were given armor-piercing depleted uranium shells, which turn radioactive when superheated upon firing. In 2006, after 21 years in the Army, Johnson retired and spent the next six years working as a private contractor for Blackwater and other shadow government contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.


It should be noted that a retired general Anthony Zinni, said in a 2004 interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” that there were a number of neoconservatives who had promoted the idea of the war in Iraq with the purpose, of “strengthening the position of Israel.” He also said that the Jewish neoconservatives’ role in pushing the war for Israel’s benefit was “the worst-kept secret in Washington.”

Killing for Israel: Meet Carnivore

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