The Israel/Homeland Security Connection


Shortly after the supposed “terrorist attack” in Boston on April 15th, 2013, many described it as a scene from Beirut, Lebanon during one of its wars with Israel. It’s clear that the powers-that-be want us to see America as under attack by “radical Muslims”. But if these attacks such as the one at the Boston Marathon are being perpetrated by those in the Homeland Security apparatus, what is really going on?

The United States has long transferred and outsourced of a large part of America’s Surveillance apparatus. This is still occurring, and we need only need to look at the federalization of many local police departments who now take their marching orders from DHS(Department of Homeland Security).


In 2008, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) actually organized a joint training program between US Police Chiefs taught by members of Israel Defense Forces. Since then, Israel’s interests have absorbed DHS (Department of Homeland Security) in a broad range of areas that include police training, counter-insurgency maneuvers, border security, counter-terrorism, and most lucrative of all, cyber-security.


Believe-it-or not, but Michael Cherthoff, the former Homeland Security Director under Bush is still running DHS through his paid consultancy with the private Chertoff Group. Officially, his “Group” is simply only a “think tank” that shapes “policy” for Homeland Security.  But they are a government contractor who behind the scenes is manipulating this Orwellian bureaucracy. Let Americans never forget that in February 2007, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff and Israeli Minister of Public Security Avi Dichter actually signed a joint “Memorandum of Mutual Understanding”, setting out terms for security cooperation between Israel and the US.The Memorandum called for joint planning and responses during a US state of emergency; US aviation security – including passenger and baggage inspection; and experimenting and evaluation of methods for detecting explosives.



Under Obama, in March 2010, Janet Napolitano and Israeli Transport Minister Israel Katz signed an agreement to increase aviation security collaboration emphasizing drills that review procedures and codes for sending alerts if passengers try to commit acts of “terror”. While serving as Attorney General of Arizona in 1998, Napolitano was actually awarded “Leader of Distinction” by the Anti-Defamation League followed by ADL’s “Torch of Liberty” award when she served as Arizona’s Governor.


In April 2012, Napolitano was once again bought by the ADL with the “Naomi Gorowitz Institute Service Award” which saluted Big Sis for her efforts in fighting “extremism” in America i.e. (Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty).


It should be noted that in all of the reports regarding “domestic terrorism” in America, not a single report will mention any links to Israel or its worldwide security apparatus known as the Mossad.  Nor will they mention a single incident of numerous acts of jewish terror that have occurred in the United States over the last two centuries

The Israel/Homeland Security Connection

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