What is an Israel-Firster?


Israel-Firster: a person that places the ambitions, policies and well-being of the right-wing Israeli government over that of their country of residence, usually America. Israel is the primary concern and will always be considered before anything else. If a policy is good for Israel and bad for America it will receive unconditional support without concern for America, despite America being the country of residence, hence, putting the interests of Israel BEFORE those of America. A formal organization dedicated to promoting the interests of Israel, before those of America seems to be AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee), whose sole purpose is to get the US government to support every policy and ambition of the Israeli government. The US Police State, which has been constructed in the wake of false-flag 9/11, has seemingly been modeled after how security forces operate in Israel. Homeland Security would be a perfect example of this, as their leadership is often trained by Israeli military/police elements on a continuous basis.


What is an Israel-Firster?

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