Unpublished Sandy Hook Files: More Outrageous Sandy Hook Details Revealed

The public has been indoctrinated to unquestioningly accept the official version of the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. We believe that the deaths in December 2012, of 20 little schoolchildren and 6 adult teachers was the result of a wild shootout between police and others when a drug sting operation that was set up in the parking lot of the elementary school went awry.

We believe that police shot wildly as an unarmed Adam Lanza, fled from one of the vehicles that were in the parking lot of Sandy Hook elementary. We believe he was shot numerous times as he attempted to escape by running into the elementary school.  Instead, the official Sandy Hook investigation, which was released to the public in March 2013 claims that Lanza fired 154 rounds in less than five minutes, “selecting high-capacity magazines from his home arsenal”. Just the rounds for this type of artillery would be about 45-65 lbs. If we added in the weight of the actual weapons and supposed flak jacket, it would add up to twice Adam’s body weight. Adam
Lanza is said to have weighed 110 pounds. There is an audio clip posted to the internet, that claims to be recorded from a scanner of the Newtown Police radio. In th broadcast, someone clearly states; “End the life of Adam”. This was probably an order given to police as they shot wildly after an unarmed Lanza while combing through the elementary school.


We believe the sting was to bust up a drug ring involving a Monsignor Kevin Wallin; who recently
plead guilty (VERIFY). Wallin is a suspended Roman Catholic priest accused of taking in
more than $300,000 from sales of methamphetamines. He was formerly employed by the Bridgeport Diocese who has long been implicated in pedophile scandals over the years. Newtown, Connecticut is part of the Bridgeport Diocese.

Federal agents arrested Wallin on Jan. 3, 2013 and a grand jury indicted him and four other people on drug charges on Jan. 15th. All were charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of a substance containing meth and 50 grams of actual meth. Authorities claimed that they “worked together in the dismantling of…a significant methamphetamine distribution organization that spanned from California to Connecticut.

In the immediate aftermath of the announcement of the massacre, hundreds and perhaps thousands of media types flocked to Newtown, Connecticut. At one point in the first few days
following the December 2012 massacre, Connecticut police threatened to arrest anyone who questioned their version of the massacre. At almost the same time, a judge put a gag order on what police statements on Sandy Hook.

The original police spokesman for the investigation was a Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance.  He was quoted on an internet website that as the media descended upon Newtown; that “We needed to corral them.  We needed to get them out of the way, out of the area where they could not be and did not belong.”  Police set up a Staging Area in a large park about three-quarters of a mile away from the school.  When the regular press briefings began, Vance was able to maintain the official account  of the massacre. In response to questions from the Sandy Hook Truthers, Vance maintains that “We were able to hold them frequently enough to curtail and correct the rumors that were inaccurate and incorrect.”

Since there was little factual information available to the media in the days following the shooting, we believe that “Crisis Actors” were used and featured in the many interviews on the  Cable news TV channels. “Crisis Actors” is generally used as a term to give a “real life” aspect to emergency drills. Once company even uses the motto; “Trained Players and Actors Making It Real.” We also believe that such crisis-type actors were used to pose as victim’s family members. One notorious bad performance is of the supposed school bus driver and Screen Actors Guild member, “Gene Rosen”, who gave an ever-changing and conflicting account of the hours following the Sandy Hook massacre.

The participation of police, and media in the Sandy Hook charade involves prosecutors
and other commercial interests conspiring in a type of crime-sustaining commerce most
blatantly for the infotainment industry- and to dilute and nullify the second Amendment
to the US Constitution.

Unpublished Sandy Hook Files: More Outrageous Sandy Hook Details Revealed

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