Unpublished Sandy Hook Files: The Conspiracy Unravels

The clearly covered-up event at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut will have far reaching ramifications that will affect all of us. This covered up event is being used to advance the liberal “gun control” agenda and the further entrenching of the Surveillance State. The NRA (National Rifle Association), has long been rumored to be a CIA front for the Republican party and even they have conceded to further militarize our society by advocating placing armed police in our public schools.

The lone gunman theory of Adam Lanza does not hold up to any scrutiny. We are supposed to believe that a man with Asperger’s Syndrome, and with virtually no firearms or military training, did the work of what was most likely the work of a three-man kill squad of sharpshooters.

The mainstream media never reported the gag order issued on December 26, 2012 by a Connecticut court to postpone the release of contents yielded through five search warrants. Connecticut State Attorney General Stephen Sedensky argued that unsealing such findings might “seriously jeopardize” the investigation by divulging evidence heretofore known only to other “potential suspects.” Since the Feds now admit that no AR-15 weapon was brought into the school, who are these other “potential suspects”. It now appears that the Sandy Hook massacre was the result of some sort of Police State agency sting that had gone “awry”- either accidentally or on purpose.

The notorious car photographed leaving the scene of the Sandy Hook school shooting does NOT belong to Adam Lanza or his mother. The audio from the police radio contains the vehicle registration request and reply. The car is registered to a man by the name of “Christopher Rodia” who has apparently been charged on criminal counts involving larceny and narcotics. Then, there is also the issue of teacher Lauren Rousseau’s car being riddled with bullets on the outside of the school. The mainstream media never reported on any shooting outside the Sandy Hook school. Photographs of Rousseau’s green Honda reveal the presence of bullet holes. Seems there was a gunfight at the O.K. corral in the Sandy Hook parking lot. It may very well be that a narcotic drug deal type of sting went south and the involved parties shot it out inside the elementary school, killing scores of children and teachers in the process. If one takes seriously that the rumor on the street that the notorious drug-dealing gang, the Latin Kings were involved in the Sandy Hook shooting than the recent bust of a drug ring that operated out of the Bridgeport Diocese start to make sense.

In the first few days of January 2013, Federal Agents arrested a Monsignor Kevin Wallin and a grand jury indicted him and four other people on drug charges on January 15th, 2013. All were charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines. At the time of his arrest, Wallin was a suspended Roman Catholic priest allegedly making more than $300,000 in drug sales out of his apartment in nearby Waterbury, Connecticut. Along the way, authorities said, he bought a small adult video and sex toy shop in the nearby town of North Haven named “Land of Oz & Dorothy’s Place,” apparently to launder all the money he was making. He has pleaded not guilty, and jury selection in his trial is scheduled to begin March 21, 2013.

Newtown, Connecticut is also home to the St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church, which was evacuated during its noon mass on the Sunday after the massacre. The lamestream media reported that on December 16th an anonymous threat made by phone to St. Lima, which is under the authority of the Diocese of Bridgeport. A spokesman for the church told mainstream news outlets that an unidentified male called the rectory, threatening to “kill everyone.” “My friend didn’t finish the job,” the caller said, according to the church official.

Monsignor Kevin Wallin had partners in the Bridgeport Diocese. A Waterbury, Connecticut man named Kenneth Devrise pleaded not guilty on February 4th, 2013 to charges that he helped Walllin sell methamphetamine. Surprisingly quick jury selection in Devries’s case was tentatively set for April 14th, 2013 and he remains in custody. Federal prosecutors said Devries played a key role in the alleged drug operation of Monsignor Kevin Wallin, former pastor of Roman Catholic churches in Bridgeport and Danbury. Keep reading this blog for more Unpublished Sandy Hook Files.

Unpublished Sandy Hook Files: The Conspiracy Unravels

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