Unpublished Sandy Hook Files: The Strange Behavior of Monsignor Robert Weiss

The Unpublished Sandy Hook Files: The Strange Behavior of Monsignor Robert Weiss

Meet Monsignor Robert Weiss. He is the pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish, which is about a mile and half away from Sandy Hook elementary school. Weiss appears in much of the lamestream TV news channels coverage in the immediate aftermath of the massacre. He appears teary-eyed and whose “ordinary and unsung priestly routine was shattered by the murder of 27 people, 20 children”. In his 13 years as pastor at St. Lima it is claimed that he had baptized ten of the 20 children killed. It was his sad duty to bury these “angels,” as he called them, as the news anchors wept on camera with him.

Seeing Monsignor Weiss interviewed on TV, he has a quiet voice and is wearing a rumpled suit.  He didn’t pontificate, and admitted to crying with the parents and families. In one interview, he says; “He didn’t have all the answers.” But what answers did he have?

How Are St. Rose Of Lima School and the Bridgeport Catholic Diocese connected to Sandy Hook Shootings?

A short video TV news clip from the afternoon/evening of the Sandy Hook elementary shootings from “News 12” Connecticut aired footage of police storming into a school. Captions appeared on the bottom of the video describing a “shooting in Newtown earlier today”. The problem is, the school shown in the video was not Sandy Hook elementary. It was St. Rose of Lima school, a very short distance away from Sandy Hook elementary school. Sloppy reporting from the for-profit “News 12” operation?
Or something else.

On December 16th, 2012 on the Sunday immediately after the massacre it was reported that a death threat was phoned in to St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown. One lamestream media report made on Yahoo news claimed an unidentified male caller threatened to “kill everyone”, with the caller adding “My friend didn’t finish the job,” all .  “according to the church official”. Was this an actual real phone threat? If so, was the “Church Official” claiming there was a threat phone in to St. Rose of Lima none other than Monsignor Robert Weiss?

According to WTNH-TV “News 8”, at least a dozen police in camouflage SWAT gear and carrying guns arrived at the St. Rose of Lima Church after the reported “threat”. An Associated Press photographer even saw police leave  St. Rose of Lima carrying something in a red tarp. “Guns drawn, they searched the church and adjacent buildings. After about an hour, police still kept onlookers back but were no longer carrying drawn guns and appeared much more relaxed than the tense period after their arrival.”

According to the News 8 report, “There was no official report from police about the threat or evacuation.”  Weiss’s behavior is erratic; especially when one views his numerous TV news appearances. According to one lamestream media account, when Weiss “heard that the shooting had occurred at Sandy Hook, less than a mile away, he grabbed two other priests from St. Rose, and they rode in Weiss’s BMW.”

Apparently, Weiss was well-paid by the Bridgeport Diocese!

Who were the two other priests in Weiss’s BMW? According to a UK tabloid; “MailOnline” a British clergyman named Rev. Clive Calver claimed to be one of the first on the scene. Calver leads the Walnut Hill Community Church, a non-denominational church in nearby Bethel, Connecticut. Calver also took the spotlight in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, where he “describes agony of comforting parents as they asked: ‘Where’s my child?’.” Calver also led the funeral of the only British victim; six-year-old Dylan Hockley.

It gets even stranger.

In one lamestream media report published on the day of the shooting, there was one that claimed that “the shooters were identified by authorities as being dressed like members of the clergy”, “definitely dressed in black clothing’ according to ‘law-enforcement officials’.” The same report claims that someone dressed up as a member of the clergy tries to enter the school, and is  stopped- but someone lets him in when they think he’s a member of the clergy. Was this Monsignor Robert Weiss? Or were undercover cops dressed up as Clergy to be used as decoys on an unsuspecting Adam Lanza who apparently arrived in the parking lot of Sandy Hook elementary school as a passenger in a car owned and driven by Christopher Rodia?

Whatever the case may be, hardly anything in the lamestream version of the official police version of Sandy Hook holds up to any scrutiny. We do believe whatever really happened at Sandy Hook has been covered up; affording an opportunity for those who wish to carry out a covert agenda against the American populace-  to take away their 2nd Amendment rights as granted by the US Constitution.

Unpublished Sandy Hook Files: The Strange Behavior of Monsignor Robert Weiss

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