The Israel Connection to Etan Patz



What follows below is what really happened in the case of Etan Patz. The conduct of the police agencies in the investigation is beyond reproach. Amazingly, a jury convened to convict a physically and mentally disabled man named Pedro Hernandez in 2017.


So, let us begin:

In late May 2012, the NYPD finally announced the name of the supposed killer of Etan Patz, a six year old boy who was last seen walking to a school bus stop in New York City in 1979. Over the previous 33 years, the NYPD had previously announced the “killer” was a pedophile named Jose Antonio Ramos.  Even though the body and remains of Etan Patz were never recovered, juries and judges  unanimously agreed and not only declared Ramos to be responsible for Etan’s death, they awarded the Patz family a symbolic $2 million in monetary damages.

In a surprise turn of events, the Michael Bloomberg’s NYPD Commissioner Kelly used an anniversary of Etan’s disappearance to announce a new chapter in the decades long comedy of errors that has passed for the “official” police investigation. NYPD Chief Kelly claimed that a new suspect named Pedro Hernandez was the real culprit.  Hernandez was quickly charged with second-degree murder.

According to official accounts, Pedro Hernandez confessed that at the age of 19, while working at a nearby deli he offered Etan Patz a can of soda. He then brought the boy to a basement where he murdered him. The prosecution gave no reason nor motive for the alleged murder. Hernandez supposedly confessed or claimed to have placed Etan’s body in a garbage bag, which was then dumped in the trash. Again, no body has ever been recovered.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Hernandez confessed to the murder.  Hernandez’ previous confessions were considered to be rantings of a lunatic.  Even Hernandez’s attorney said his client suffers from HIV, Cancer, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and has auditory and visual hallucinations. Even on the surface level, Hernandez’s confession made no sense, and even the “NY Daily News” questioned the official NYPD account, something they rarely do.

What almost everyone is missing is the Israel connection to Etan Patz. Lisa Cohen’s book
“After Etan: The Missing Child Case that Held American Captive”, documents the story
of the most famous missing child since the Lindbergh baby, and the connection to international Judaism.

It is hardly ever mentioned in any of the press accounts that Etan Patz was Jewish. His parents, Stan and convert Julie, liked Israeli names. Etan’s sister is Shira; his brother is Ari. In the disappearance, a key piece of the puzzle that everyone is overlooking is that of Etan’s uncle, Norman Patz.  He was the renowned Rabbi who who headed up a large suburban N.J. congregation. It was named Temple Sholom of West Essex in Cedar Grove, NJ where Rabbi Norman Patz served from 1969 until his retirement in June 2006. According to the Temple’s website, Rabbi Patz still holds adjunct positions at Montclair State University and Caldwell College.

Early in the Patz case, authorities learned Rabbi Norman Patz took dozens of children on an annual summer trip to an Israeli kibbutz. The rumors ran wild – perhaps the disappearance was a Patz family rift over religious differences? Maybe Uncle Norman had spirited Etan to Israel to bring him up more devoutly? According to author Lisa Cohen, “It was a ridiculous notion, not the least because Uncle Norman was a reform Rabbi. But the Israel angle resurfaced repeatedly, after a mysterious photograph of Etan, taken by Stan Patz himself, surfaced in an Israeli magazine a few years after the boy disappeared. An even more bizarre twist? The picture’s caption read “Etan Ben Haim” (Etan, Son of Life). No one could ever figure out how or why that photo appeared.”

The reason why the photo appeared is found in a “Vanity Fair” article published in 1991
by Edward Klein, “The Long Search for Etan Patz”. In that article, Klein reports that Rabbi Norman Patz had been to Israel just two week’s after Etan disappeared, and according to Etan Patz’s father, there was never a reason given for his brother’s trip.

According to the Temple Sholom website, it notes that before his retirement, Rabbi Norman Patz was on “many national assignments…he still is involved with social activism, travels all over the world.” The mysterious photo of Etan Patz was published in a 1985 Romanian-language Israeli magazine called “Revista Mea” who published the photo of Etan in a “family photo album” feature. The photo was captioned “Etan Ben-Haim,” and had purportedly been submitted by a family living near Haifa. This was one among of hundreds of other photos of Etan that Stan had distributed to the press in the wake of his son’s disappearance.

The photo had been taken by Stanley Patz, who had given prints to his friends and relatives. The magazine had re-published one of the photos that had not been released to the press, which made the police investigators very suspicious. The future mayor of New York City named Rudy Giuliani appointed a man named Stuart GraBois to investigate. GraBois traveled to Israel and enlisted the help of the Israeli police, but attempts to track down the source of that photograph yielded nothing of substance. The focus of the investigation remained on Jose Antonio Ramos, who was frequently depicted as “Bogeyman” in the mainstream media.

According to the “Vanity Fair” article, the now former prosecutor GraBois joined forces against this one man, pedophile Jose Antonio Ramos, who was used as something of a catch-all type of scapegoat.  According to Lisa Cohen, two other unlikely allies also lent their time and effort to make the case against Ramos.  These two informants separately approached GraBois, each unaware the other was doing so, because they both knew Ramos from behind bars. Both offered to help extract his confession.

In a clandestine undercover operation, GraBois inserted first one of the men, and then the other, into Ramos’s cell. One played an elaborate con. He passed himself off as both a lawyer and an amateur shrink. He escaped with incriminating evidence against Ramos but almost got himself killed in his high-stakes game. The other was more straightforward, but he, too, feared for his life. By the time he left the shared cell, he was convinced Ramos was a madman.

The pair’s original link to Ramos? Both of them were Jewish, and both had met Ramos at prison religious services or as part of Jewish study behind bars! In fact, one of them later revealed that he’d risked his safety to go after Ramos because it made him crazy watching Ramos “pretend to be a Jew”.

Yes, that’s right, Jose Antonio Ramos underwent a jailhouse conversion to Judaism. Even though he had Christian pen pals to whom he was still quoting New Testament scripture, Ramos began wearing a yarmulke and dropping Yiddish phrases. He refused to cut his hair for “religious reasons”, and demanded the same kosher dietary considerations as the few other Jewish inmates at the prison. Ramos claimed to have discovered – late in life – his own grandfather’s roots as a Spanish Jew.

According to Edward Klein, a man named Kenneth Ruffo, who was the FBI agent assigned to the case at the time, revealed a little known fact, that at one time Israel had a “national” police representative in New York named General Joshua Caspi. He told Stu GraBois that a “thorough investigation had been done on that Etan Ben-Haim picture” from the magazine. However, when GraBois and Ruffo spoke with the people whom the Israelis claimed they had questioned, “these people didn’t know what we were talking about”. So in other words, it seems that Joshua Caspi had lied.

And after the pair left Israel, John Miller, then a reporter with WNBC-TV (now the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence & Counter-terrorism of the NYPD) traveled to Israel and found a woman who said that she knew the kid in the photo and his family.  Miller stated; “But the Israelis said she was crazy.” To this day, both Ruffo and GraBois are said to be unsatisfied with how the investigation in Israel was handled.

Will the Israel operatives who serve as consultants to the NYPD and its many Intel units ever re-open the Patz connection to Rabbi Norman Patz? We don’t know for sure, but we do know that it seems that someone pressured the now disgraced and former Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hynes to give preferential treatment to those involved in a massive pedophile ring in Brooklyn that involved over 100 suspects in the ultra-orthodox community.

All of the above information is sourced from mainstream media documents now available on the internet.  Amazingly, no one (prosecutors, defense, jurors) is able to look up these documents to get to the truth of what really happened to Etan Patz?

The Israel Connection to Etan Patz

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