COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE DATABASE: Will The Real “Jack Donovan” Please Stand up?

There’s been some sort of agent provocateur making the rounds recently in alternative media.
He’s currently going by the name Jack Donovan. He’s a published author now trying to redefine
homosexuality in “Far Right” political activist circles.


He just made an appearance at this gathering:  (sorry for the links to the SPLC, but they are used here for descriptive purposes only).

“Youth Turn Out in Large Numbers for NPI’s Rainbow Racist Gathering”

Jack Donovan writes some interesting stuff, to be sure. But who is he really? I don’t want to burst
anyone’s bubble, but appears that Mr. Donovan is working as some kind of Agent Provocateur. You can be sure at a gathering where he spoke; such as this, Obama’s Thought Police were out in full force:

“White supremacist conference proposes whites-only states: We’ll ‘give the blacks Manhattan’”

Interestingly, this item was in the news today:

“Race War Plot Leads to Five Arrests on Federal, State Charges”

The story is all over the lamestream media, and wouldn’t you know, the jewish-owned DailyBeast just did a story on it! (yesterday) What a coincidence!?!?

“Inside Virginia’s Creepy White-Power Wolf Cult”

And who is mentioned in the article?  None other than Jack Donovan.  What a coincidence!

Quoting from the DailyBeast article linked above:

“Jack Donovan, who’s written extensively about the glory of Wolves of Vinland (and who recently lectured at the white supremacist National Policy Institute conference in D.C.) figures prominently in the group. He sat with the Waggeners for the interview where they espoused the importance of keeping your tribesmen from looking weak.”

Wow!  What a coincidence that Jack Donovan recently published his own profile of this “white supremacist” group on his own website:

“A Time for Wolves”

Could Jack Donovan have infiltrated this group on behalf of the FBI?  Because Jack sure goes into a lot of detail in the article he wrote:
“A red bearded patch with an algiz rune tattoo on his freckled shoulder started picking out a tune on the banjo.”

Hmm. Jack noted the tattoos of one of the members of the group he’s profiling. I guess journalism really is the gathering of intelligence!

Great work, Jack? (Is ‘Jack Donovan’ even his real name?) Sounds like the name a gay porn actor would take? But Jack Donovan wasn’t a gay porno actor he was a “go go dancer”. There is a difference, not all gay “go go dancers” are gay porn stars, right?

“Jack Donovan was originally from Pennsylvania. He was a New York go-go dancer during the 1990s club-kid scene, and has been an artist. He has lived in various US cities, and has settled in Portland, Oregon. As Jack Malebranche, he was an ordained priest and media representative for the Church of Satan for many years. He resigned this position, on good terms, in 2009.”

Wasn’t the Church Of Satan a social engineering experiment run by the jewish Anton LeVey?

“Anton Szandor LaVey, was an American-born Jewish self-promotion artist and intellectual crank known primarily for his advocacy of individualism.”

Jack Donovan is obviously an alias he uses as a writer. Jack Donovan also once used the alias of Jack Malebranche, so maybe someone should ask NPI organizer Richard Spencer to do sort of pre-screening on who gets to speak at NPI?  They wouldn’t want to have any FBI agent provocateurs as featured speakers, now would they?

Has anyone noticed a pattern of FBI agents recruiting gays and using them to infiltrate the “neo-nazi” groups or people they believe fit the profile of a “neo-nazi”, as defined by the Zionists running our country’s various Intelligence agencies?

Since Jack Donovan tells us that he was a “Go Go Boy” during the early 1990s’. I have to ask, did he run into Andrew Breitbart (another Intelligence asset) during their time together in NYC?

We ask this because Andrew Breitbart was self-described “power-bottom” who was living in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen for a spell, and snorting cocaine.  Partying in the same clubs that Michael Alig’s Club Kids worked at. We don’t know if “Jack Donovan” ever met Andrew, but we do know that Andrew Breitbart died of complications from AIDS in 2012.

So, who exactly was “Jack Donovan” running with during his time in NYC during the early 1990’s?  This screen shot from Counter-Currents publishing, tells the story in Jack’s own words.


And exactly who is Michael Alig?

One of the tell-all traits of these FBI agent provocateur types is the promotion of violence within their assigned “political activism”.  As you can see, Donovan does this in his own words.

“Violence is Golden”

Donovan reminds me of another FBI agent provocateur named Hal Turner. Similar to Donovan in many ways, Hal Turner (also widely rumored to be gay), used the internet so that his “fierce rhetoric would flush out crazies“, which the FBI would then go after and entrap, in an attempt to jail them.

“Records show feds used ultra-right radio host for years”

But who is Jack Donovan really? He once used the alias Jack Malebranche., when he working in the Church of Satan.

According to this, Jack Donovan’s real name is Sean Grady.

Not a whole lot is known at this point about Sean Grady with a birthdate of 10-23-74. We suspect that Sean Grady aka Jack Donovan aka Jack Malebranche graduated from the Class of 1991 at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, MD

Not sure where Sean Grady gets all the money to travel around the way he does to do stories for his blog? Sean Grady aka “Jack Donovan”‘s books are published by small publishers, who can’t really afford to pay the expenses of writer that travel to do their writing and research.  It does seem that Sean Grady is an actor, who continues to play roles.  Since Hollywood is in the doldrums, the Intelligence Agencies have big money these days to hire “Crisis Actors” with all the staged and covered-up events these day.  So we ask.   Will the Real Jack Donovan, please stand up?

COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE DATABASE: Will The Real “Jack Donovan” Please Stand up?

4 thoughts on “COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE DATABASE: Will The Real “Jack Donovan” Please Stand up?

  1. Kane Hadden says:

    Jack Donovan is Sean Grady. He is a fag, and lead the usual dissolute life of a fag before going bourgeois in Milwaukee, OR. He lives with his Mexican “life partner”. But he is not FBI. That, you just made up.


  2. MKG says:

    Jack Donovan has a tribe of young, impressionable boys, whom he uses sexually and sells them satanism in the guise of Norse mythology. He has a Mexican boyfriend and when one of his young boys knocked up a black girl, the boy was ordered to abandon the girl and child. He also works closely with a Mason in his group, apparently responsible for the idea to slaughter animals, further entrapping the young boys in a trauma bond.


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