How the Jews Kill: Drinking The Deadly Concoction called ‘Rock Star Energy’

By: William Spencook


I was in a Big Lots department store the other day and I noticed they had cases of Rock Star Energy drink on sale for $1 per can.
Like a fool, I bought a couple and drank one in the morning, instead of a cup of coffee. I enjoyed the pick me up. I drank a can daily for about a week, and stopped when I noticed some horrible symptoms. Rock Star is an energy drink brand that’s been around
for years, and like all consumer products it has its ups and downs. The fact that cases were featured in Big Lots was unusual in that Big Lots is a closeout retail department store. Generally a closeout store is a retailer specializing in buying closeout items wholesale from therr retailers and selling them at a discount. This would explain the cases of Rock Star Energy Drink on sale for $1 per can.

Rock Star Energy is in decline as a consumer brand as reported by Forbes last year:

Is The Party Ending For Rockstar Energy Drinks And Its Billionaire Founder?

RockStar energy was founded by Michael “Savage” Weiner, a fanatical zionist radio talk show host.   Michael Weiner’s radio pseudonym is Michael Savage and he’s currently the fourth most listened to talk show host in America.    Anyone who listens to his radio show, which is called “The Savage Nation” will tell you it is fanatical about every harmful
neo- conservative issue there is i.e. pro-endless war, pro-surveillance, anti-muslim.

Savage also regularly features “inside commentary” on his daily radio show, leading one to believe if he is some sort of Intelligence agency asset.  He often jokes about the medication our Congressmen are taking leading one to believe that Michael Weiner is an indeed an Intelligence Operative who has access to information that none of us do.

It has been alleged that Michael Weiner and his wife Janet created the poisonous formulas for Rock Star Energy based on their life-long study of herbal nutrition and ethnobiology.  Apparently, Michael and Janet also provided the seed money for the RockStar drink and decided to use their young son, Russell as the spokesmouth.  Semi-official reports claim that Janet, who currently acts as CFO and COO of RockStar, controls 15 percent of the closely held company, and her Billionaire son, Russell owns the rest.

What’s interesting is that Michael Weiner sounds like he’s spent most of his entire life running in Intelligence circles. While researching this article I discovered that he even once worked for legendary LSD guru, Timothy Leary.  Michael Weiner also “communed with Fijian traditional healers, got married in a rain forest and studied ethno-medicine at the University of California at Berkeley. He swam naked with Allen Ginsberg, dreamed of being the next Lenny Bruce and wrote a rambling novel about a half-mad alter ego. His son’s middle name is Goldencloud. For years, he made a name cranking out a pile of books on alternative medicine, recommending bizarre remedies such as using vitamin C to stop AIDS and kicking cocaine with coffee enemas. His 1978 dissertation, on file in the U.C. Berkeley library, shows his degree was in nutritional ethnomedicine.”

Have you ever heard the “fascinating story of a gay affair Michael Weiner had with the openly gay beat poet, Allen Ginsberg?   According to Wikipedia:
Some of the letters Weiner sent to Ginsberg are reportedly featured in Ginsberg’s archives. One of those letters describes an homosexual encounter Weiner engaged with a a young Fijian man.”

It was later that Michael and his second wife, Janet authored several books on speculative herbal cures and nutrition when they likely came up with RockStar Energy Drink’s lethal formula. While RockStar’s a poison cocktail, it becomes even more lethal when combined with alcohol.  That’s what really makes it a sort of bio-weapon.  RockStar features a herbal liver-cleansing formula that is supposed to enable drinkers to be able to “party like a rock star,” i.e drinking excessive amounts of alcohol while ingesting various street drugs.

Please note there were several alcohol containing versions of Rock Star that were discontinued in 2007.   I suspect someone advised the Weiners that the mixture of alcohol with Rock Star Energy drinks was lethal, and would later open them up to lawsuits.

“Rockstar contains Milk Thistle, which is commonly used to support the liver. The liver-assisting benefits include aid in fighting: “cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders,” according to Web MD. The benefits are debatable, as many natural cures are, but it’s safe to say Rockstar is better paired with alcohol than some of the other drinks out there. At least you can do damage and offer a little help at the same time.”

RockStar Energy drink has been so financially successful, its made the Savage/Weiner family one of the most wealthy jewish families in the nation:

“At 45, energy drink czar Russ Weiner of Delray Beach is Florida’s youngest billionaire. But there are 29 younger folks on the Forbes 400 list living elsewhere (18 of those 29 live in California, no surprise). Weiner is the founder of Rockstar Energy Drink. While his brand runs well behind Monster and Red Bull energy drinks, Rockstar must be doing well enough to boost Weiner’s wealth to $3.4 billion, ranking him at No. 182, up sharply from No. 249 last year.”

Russell has been described by his employees as a “spoon- fed brat” that kicks and screams when he doesn’t get his way, and his mother Janet is extremely nasty to hard working employees. This means that it is Michael and Janet Weiner who are really running Rock Star from behind the scenes. The article from Forbes claims that “One former executive says Weiner pays his lieutenants well–and has to, given how difficult he is to work with. A few former managers recall such legends as the groom reduced to tears on his wedding weekend after a call from Weiner, and the executive forced to fire people on Christmas Eve to please the boss. “Character assassination,” says Weiner.”

Perhaps the Christian Evangelicals were correct and that the Zionists like the Weiner family are really having a “war on Christmas” after all? If not, actions like firing employees on Christmas Eve simply reflects how miserable the Weiner/Savage family really are. The old adage, “Misery Loves Company”, comes to mind.

One reason why Rock Star Energy is such a popular consumer product is that fatigue and depression are epidemic in our society. One need only look at number of Americans taking psychotropic drugs from Big Pharma; in an effort to self-medicate.

“Women And Prescription Drugs: One In Four Takes Mental Health Meds”

The above HuffPo article is from four years, ago and obviously today the problem is much worse.  The use of these psychotropic drugs often lead to things like this:

“Police: Woman apprehended after standoff at Papa Johns”

Rock Star Energy offers a quick pick me up from fatigue and depression. Is a method of Disaster Capitalism being used here?  RockStar is indeed a quick fix, and like all quick-fixes, it comes with a hefty price.  This website, put together by a law firm, sums up the dangers quite nicely.

RockStar drinks are marketed to youth, who add alcohol to the drink. “Researchers from the University of Buffalo found that college students who drank alcohol and energy drink mixes were more likely to have intoxicated or casual sex during their most recent hook-up. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol can lead to unintentional overdrinking, because the caffeine makes it harder to assess your own level of intoxication,” study author Kathleen E. Miller said in a press release.

Most people think that drinking only one can of Rock Star Energy drink won’t kill you. Others disagree.

Long term use of Rock Star indeed accomplishes a “Slow Kill” type of effect. Here it is referred to as a Cocktail Of Death:

Rock Star Energy drink is a sort of Witches Brew unleashed as a poison to an unsuspecting public. Michael Savage’s daily talk show also serves as a mouthpiece for his family’s Zionist agenda. On the radio, Savage frequently berates our pitifully ineffective bureaucracy.

We would hope that the FDA would guard us from the dangers of the Weiner’s Cocktail of Death. Sadly, while the FDA is tasked with protecting American’s health, it is packed to the gills with former lobbyists from the very industries that the FDA is supposed to be protecting us from. Recent history shows that the FDA is ineffective at very best, and simply cannot be relied upon to do anything. In fact, some consider the FDA to be a dangerous government agency.

More Deaths, Illness Linked to Energy Drinks

RockStar Energy Drink Side Effects:

“The FDA stipulates that soft drinks contain no more than 71.5 mg of caffeine per 12 oz drink, but it cannot regulate the caffeine content in energy drinks – with the exception of energy drink companies that self- classify their products as a dietary supplement, such as Monster and Rockstar (explained above). May 23, 2012: The FDA says Rockstar’s product is considered a conventional beverage—not a dietary supplement, as labeled—and thus is adulterated for containing unapproved food additive Ginkgo biloba.”

So is the Savage/Weiner enterprise simply in the energy drink business simply to amass huge piles of money, or is something completely different going on?  There are a number of possibilities. If the Zionist neo-conservative radio host, Michael Weiner Savage is indeed a long-time National Security/Intelligence Asset or Operative, perhaps the ingredients in Rock Star Energy Drink are intentionally designed as a type of biological weapon to neutralize the non-jewish population? For the answer, we need only look at the jewish promotion of homosexuality over the years.

On the radio, Michael Savage is very critical of the “gay mafia” on his radio show, and it does appears to be very much part of a “act”. After all, radio is the  theater of the mind.

While the radio persona of Michael Savage is sort of “anti-gay”, the whole life of the man behind the persona has been pro-gay. Michael Weiner came of age during the very beginnings of the modern-day gay rights movement in America. Savage was apparently an “out” homosexual at one point, during a time (mid-1960’s) when it was not popular to do so. Due to the associated social taboo, Weiner went back into the closet to fit in with traditional society. At the time, Weiner likely knew that mainstream acceptance of homosexuality was very far off indeed. Perhaps 40 years off.  And he did not want to wait that long. It really wasn’t until 2015, with the “ruling” by the Supreme Court- that a  new civil right had been invented.  Gay marriage was decreed to be legal nationwide, the rights of the individual States be damned.  The public acceptance of homosexuality, which was widely considered to be “evil” only twenty years ago, is truly a milestone accomplishment of the numerous brainwashing programs that operate in the US government/media complex.

Some claim that the longtime jewish promotion of homosexuality was once done as a means of psychological warfare against the white population of America. Jews have consistently been only 1 to 2 percent of the US population and have long realized they will never achieve majority status. But they discovered that they could sabotage the gentile population by slowing down white birthrates- by promoting homosexuality.  They also discovered that this could be done by just getting people to question their own sexual impulses.  These tactics appear to be successful, as there are more deaths of White Americans each year than new births.

Promotion of homosexuality is certainly only a contributing factor to the historic low birth rates among US whites, but it is not the only factor.  Electromagnetic radiation and government approved poisons in our food and water is another. And there’s no doubt, that these poisons are contributing the epidemic levels of cancer-related deaths. RockStar Energy drink as a type of legal bio-warfare weapon obviously speeds up white mortality rates. To do so, the company is marketing their product to little children, to ensure they get life-long users.

Janet Weiner was once called to testify before Congress where she defended Rock Star’s marketing practices. It’s interesting that Janet Weiner testified, and not her billionaire son, who is supposedly a college graduate.

“The group of senators shot a letter to Rockstar founder and CEO Russell Goldencould Weiner this week asking why the company’s logo is appearing on a wakeboard boat toy both in stores and online. The letter claims that Target was marketing the Rockstar Energy Drink RC Wakeboard Boat in its toy section, with a label suggesting it is for kids ages 8 and older.”

If Energy Drinks are indeed lethal to children, and Rock Star is intentionally marketing the drink to children, one needs to ask; “Is Rock Star intentionally trying to kill White Children?” (Or all children?)

Amazingly, our useless Congress did something useful recently and called out RockStar for their deceptive marketing tactics:

“Energy drink maker Rockstar Inc. got in lawmakers’ crosshairs again Thursday for the appearance of the company’s logos on several toys, amid recent accusations by U.S. senators who say Rockstar has lied about marketing its allegedly unhealthy products to children. In fact, Rockstar Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Janet Weiner had told the panel the company’s main target audience is between 18 to 35 years of age, and that the company does not promote its products to children under 12, the senators said. Yet, the Ronin product line at issue that features the Rockstar Energy logo is meant for children who are eight years old or older, according to their letter Thursday.”

RockStar currently promotes two massive youth-oriented rock festivals each year, which extends the reach of the brand.  The Mayhem and Uproar are multi-act concerts, which travel from city to city, proudly featuring the RockStar logo. The company’s CEO Russell Goldencloud Weiner, as previously mentioned, is one of the richest people in America. The name “Goldencloud” was likely given to him for the “glorious golden clouds built up by damp winds from the seas, that hover over the Hawaiian mountain tops.”  His father, Michael, after leaving his jewish enclave in Queens, New York City, ended up in Oahu, Hawaii, where he earned master’s degrees in anthropology and botany from the University of Hawaii.

A few years back, the powerful lesbian and gay lobby were so offended by Michael Weiner Savage’s radio comments, they called for a boycott of RockStar. Savage has a history of suing his critics and losing, so he tried a different approach:

“We were pleased to facilitate a bold agreement between Rockstar and several LGBT rights organizations. The agreement resulted in significant changes to Rockstar’s corporate practices to reflect LGBT-friendly policies and saw more than $100,000 distributed to four LGBT organizations through a multi-year, systemic gift.”

Remember, Michael Weiner Savage is a life-long closeted jewish homosexual who was once one of Allen Ginsberg’s most intimate friends.  By donating the hush money to LGBT organizations, the Weiner family can still say it does not technically “Support” nor “Condemn” Michael’s purposefully anti-gay propaganda on his daily talk radio program. Michael is fully aware of the power of the gay lobby and how harmful boycotts can be if Rock Star was targeted over the long term. These many LGBT organizations all exist
solely on hand-outs in the form of donations and grants. They are also very careful not to bite the hand that feeds them, knowing they will soon be forced to hit up the same donors again for additional financial “contributions”. The LGBT lobby in the USA is perhaps just as or even more powerful than that of the Israel/Jewish lobbies. Together they both fundraise and volunteer for various political candidates. Two of their current favorites are none other than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

For someone like Russell Weiner,  who purportedly has net worth of $2.5 billion, the donations to these LGBT organizations are likely written off as “tax deductible donations”. So it’s a win-win situation for them; money is paid to silence criticism of RockStar, while simultaneously reducing their tax burden.

“The fascinating story of Michael Weiner’s gay affair with the openly gay beat poet, Allen Ginsberg would also explain the family’s financial
contributions to the LGBT lobby. Some of the love letters Michael Weiner sent to Allen Ginsberg are reportedly featured in Ginsberg’s archives. One of those letters describes an homosexual encounter Weiner engaged with a a young Fijian man.”

Today, Michael’s son Russell Weiner is a 45 year old never-married jewish man who once lived with poodles in his multiple West Hollywood mansions.

So with the Weiner/Savage empire, we have a billionaire family promoting the interests of Israel-first, before those of the United States on 400 radio stations daily, while simultaneously getting the gentile youth to sip the RockStar poisonous beverage. Sounds like something right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. So, the next time you feel the ill-effects of drinking the bio-warfare weapon called RockStar Energy, say to yourself out loud- “With Jews, We Lose!”

How the Jews Kill: Drinking The Deadly Concoction called ‘Rock Star Energy’

One thought on “How the Jews Kill: Drinking The Deadly Concoction called ‘Rock Star Energy’

  1. David says:

    You might be the most fraudulent, inaccurate, conspiracy sites I have ever stumbled upon. Have you ever even listened to 1 show of the Savage nation. I believe I have never read anything quite like this before. Wow you’re seriously paranoid or exploiting others.


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