How The Jews Kill: Dennis Prager’s Zionist Radio Propaganda


Can the words you hear coming from a talk radio broadcast hurt you? Ask Dennis Prager, one of the many jewish neo-conservative talk radio hosts waging psychological warfare operations on an unsuspecting American
public. It’s called “propaganda” and it’s used by our country’s many Intelligence Agencies to brainwash the unsuspecting populace. Radio today is generally seen as a vehicle for advertising; to get you to purchase
consumer products and services. This is done through the process of repetition; by repeating a message over and over again, until it’s in your head.  This is a process called “thought transfer”. It’s actually quite effective. Have you ever found yourself thinking about a song; and then realizing that you just heard the song in a place you were just at? It’s a very effective method at getting certain messages across and to shape and bold certain types of consumer behavior. Advertising on the radio is very, very effective. And it’s for that very reason that Dennis Prager admits he has studied the art of propaganda and brainwashing at an early age.
According to this biography of him:

“April 5, 2013, Dennis said: “Why did I learn to read Pravda in high school? I taught myself Russian and with a dictionary would read Pravda. I loved reading those who told the opposite of truth. It’s a strange fascination I have with those who distort reality eloquently, which has been the left’s job for over 100 years.”

Dennis Prager uses his daily radio show to promote the agenda of Israel-first, before America. He does this by appealing to Christian Zionists. I’ve listened to his form of Jewish Propaganda for many years, and concede that it is quite effective. Prager is currently listed at number 33 in Talkers Magazine 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America.

Dennis Prager is a jew from New York City. He’s spent most of his life studying religion and theology and he consistently inserts that into his propaganda broadcasts. Christianity; as a mythos, appeals to billions of people, because it presents certain themes (also found in other major religions) that are timeless to the human experience.

Prager is syndicated nationally by the Salem Radio network, a massive Christian Zionist neo-conservative media conglomerate. The Salem Radio empire already includes more than 100 Christian and talk-radio stations and several Judeo-Christian style websites, in addition to non-religious ones like and  Since going public in 1999, Salem has gradually evolved from Christian-only media to include right-wing political talk and non-Christian hosts like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved. If you tune into Dennis Prager on the AM/FM radio, chances are he’s on one of the commercial radio stations that also feature
a heavy heap of Christian-themed syndicated programming as well.

According to Salem’s own press releases:

“Salem Radio Group, is the largest commercial U.S. radio broadcasting company providing Christian and conservative programming. Salem owns and operates 117 local radio stations, with 72 stations in the top 25 media markets. Salem Radio Network (“SRN”) is a full-service national radio network, with nationally syndicated programs comprising Christian teaching and talk, conservative talk, news, and music. SRN is home to many industry-leading hosts including: Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and Eric Metaxas. Salem New Media is a powerful source of Christian and conservative themed news, analysis, and commentary. Salem’s Christian sites include:,,,, and Considered by many to be a consolidation of the conservative news and opinion sector’s most influential brands, Salem’s conservative sites include,,,, and”

In an effort to promote the Zionist agenda of Israel-first, before the United States, Prager makes an appeal to people of different races.  He’ noted for doing publicity stunts like “visiting Death Row.”  For example, in July 2014, Prager visited Angola State Prison in Louisiana – the nation’s largest prison. He worked with a Christian Zionist organization called Awana and featured Prager as part of it’s “Returning Hearts Celebration”. Up until the visit, Prager used his daily radio show to lecture to Christian Evangelic pastors about the organization’s “American Renewal Project”.

In psychological warfare operations, narratives such as Prager, which have been exposed as entirely false in virtually all aspects by serious, honest historians and scientists.  Their effectiveness is perpetuated and reinforced largely by emotionally charged, psychologically exploitative propaganda in mass media. For example; the jewish neo-conservative website,, named after Andrew Breitbart, who a gay jewish man who died from AIDS complications, recently spoke openly about the use of a particular psychological warfare technique.

“As Breitbart News’ social media director and managing editor, I spend my day identifying, tracking, and weaponizing narrative trends. It’s part science, part art.”

Generally, jewish narratives such as Pragers are never fully explained or presented in a rational, logical, or fact-based format. Key is having that is narrative rarely challenged by any of his radio talk show guests. This results in Prager’s brainwashing narrative being implanted, reinforced, and perpetuated in our minds via the ordinary radio. Few are aware of the sophistication of techniques used by Prager; but those that are recognize it for what it is- psychological warfare.  It delivers deceitful propaganda, utilizing a trauma-induced, fear-based form of mind control. And the preferred format is the daily radio “talk” show on the AM/FM radio.

Prager delivers an Israel-First agenda designed to appeal to specific  demographics. Radio as an industry is one driven by demographics. Not only for the advertisers, but for the programming as well. It has worked out very well indeed.

Dennis acknowledges that he has been studying the art of propaganda his whole life.

“Nov. 7, 2014, Dennis said the first hardcover he ever bought was as a teenager — Soviet Foreign Propaganda by Frederick Barghoom. “I was always curious what the people who don’t agree with me think. How do they sell their ideas to themselves and to others?”

“A caller to Prager’s radio show Jan. 23, 2009, said she heard that during eighth grade, Dennis brought a ham radio on the school bus and announced to everyone that he would learn Russian by the end of the semester. “That sounds like me. I was not a normal eighth grader,” Prager said.”

Promotion of the interests of Israel first, before those of America is key to Salem Radio’s agenda. For example; it’s been touted that Dennis Prager has made 20 recent trips to Israel, many of them with his radio listeners.

Prager’s daily talk radio show is only one prong of his propaganda technique. He also heavily uses the internet as an additional platform to promote something called “Prager University”.

When one listens to Dennis Prager’s daily radio program is easy to think that he’s just another harmless “conservative” blowhard. However, his propaganda is designed to achieve certain measurable results. So what would be an example of Dennis Prager’s successful weaponized narrative? Well, how about the fact that over 100,000 US troops have been wounded for fighting overseas for the interests of Israel first?

Prager takes such criticism such as this one very seriously. He actually wrote an essay in 2003; “Why the Jews? The Reason for Anti Semitism” which addresses the fact, as advanced by Pat Buchanan and others, that Zionist Jews were responsible for the Iraq War and the creation of ISIS. Like many Jewish intellectuals, Dennis Prager uses the dubious  “Holocaust” exaggeration to compare this fact to a “blood libel.” This is not a coincidence, because if you look at Prager’s many speaking
engagements, he has made a large part made his living from teaching “the lessons of the Holocaust.”

It does appears from Prager’s own website (and in his own words) that he was groomed at a young age to be some sort of Intelligence asset, probably one that looked forward to being deployed overseas, working for the benefit of Israel-first, before America.

“Mr. Prager was a Fellow at Columbia University’s School of International Affairs, where he did graduate work at the Middle East and Russian Institutes. He has taught Russian and Jewish history at Brooklyn College”

It was during 1970-72, Dennis when attended the Middle East and Russian Institutes at the Columbia University School of International Affairs. Prager studied under the notorious Zbigniew Brezinski, who later served as the head of the National Security Council under President Carter. It should also be noted that our current President Barack Hussein Obama, also once studied under Zbigniew Brezinski when he attended Columbia University. We do not know for sure as Columbia consistently declined to release our President’s official transcripts.

In Dennis Prager’s own words:

“I had a hobby called short-wave radio listening. I got for my bar mitzvah from my grandfather a great short-wave radio — the Zenith Transoceanic. For me to pick up Radio Moscow.. Starting my second year of high school, I became transfixed by the enemy (communism). I listened and I was intoxicated. Not persuaded. Not for a second.

“I’ve always loved propaganda. It fascinates me how people try to sell what is not true.”

“My next batch of mail was from Radio Peking. We had no relations with communist China. People get packs of things from China were suspect in the eyes of the Post Office and they tore my mail open.”

“After his tenure at Leeds, Dennis visited a friend on a kibbutz in Israel. He was introduced to a wealthy man who sponsored brief trips by young non-Israeli Jews to the Soviet Union to smuggle in Jewish religious items like prayer shawls, and smuggle out information about Russian Jews. It was 1969, two years after the USSR had broken off relations with Israel. “

Someone (probably in the US or Israeli governments) paid Prager to hop all over the world behind the Iron Curtain.  Was it the C.I.A.?

“In his 2012 book Still the Best Hope, Dennis wrote on pg. 208: “I visited authoritarian fascist Spain and the totalitarian Soviet Union in the same year, 1969.”

“…I became the national spokesman for the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, one of the most effective organizations for Soviet Jews in the world.
As such, I spoke before synagogues of every denomination, Hadassah groups, Jewish federations, Jewish groups on college campuses. “

So how did these jewish activist groups get the  US government work to rescue Soviet Jewry? It appears that they used the resources of the CIA.

“Reagan worked to free of Soviet Jews, and also approved the CIA-sponsored rescue of 500 Ethiopian Jews in 1985’s Operation Joshua.”

That Prager worked for the “Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry” is interesting because it was founded by a man named Yaakov Birnbaum, who actually coined the word for Zionism to describe fervent jewish nationalism.

Prager often speaks about his opposition to immigration on his daily radio show, but he was responsible for the huge success of the “Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry”. He opposes the US taking in refugees from Syria, but was key in allowing immigration of hundreds of thousands of Soviet jews during the height of the so-called “Cold War”.  Please note that this was during the time when the Soviet Union was considered the mortal enemy  of the United States.

“The Soviet Jewry movement, which had started in the early 1960s with a handful of students and outsiders, was by now a central issue in American Jewish life. Through their persistent advocacy and lobbying, the Jewish community also learned something about how to flex its political muscle. The Soviet Jewry movement strengthened Jewish identity and bridged the right-left divide that split most Jews when it came to discussions of Israel.”

The movement to rescue Soviet Jewry in America featured mass demonstrations of jews in the US which featured hundreds of thousandsof marchers.   They were successful at relocating hundreds of Soviet jews thousands into the United States.

“Said Dennis in his 14th lecture on Deuteronomy (2003): “I have a very innocent face. I know I do because I got through communist customs all the time because I was bringing in bad things from their perspective.” Dennis lived like a spy in the former Soviet Union, meeting with Jewish dissidents in parks at midnight and climbing over walls to avoid the cops. Until the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Dennis kept this information secret to protect the ongoing information network.”

So here’s Dennis Prager, a Zionist jew from NYC running around the Soviet Union speaking Russian. This has CIA and KGB written all over it. You can find much more documentation here:

As part of Prager’s narrative, there is a consistent “moralist” undertone. Listening to this on the radio, Prager sounds like one of the old-school Christian Zionist preachers lecturing a congregation about their  “morality”.  For a Zioinist jew to be lecturing Christians on how to control their bodily functions is beyond the pale.

So where does Prager’s weaponized narratives lead us to? Dennis Prager loved President George W. Bush whose dubious legacy includes occupying Iraq and Afghanistan at a cost of trillions of dollars and the murder of over one million innocent civilians.  This was all done on the false premises that these countries threatened America with “weapons of mass destruction” that were suspiciously never found. At the end of the Bush second term, the removal of standards for mortgage lending to racial minorities unlikely to repay such loans, sent America into the worst recession since the Great Depression. We’re still paying the price for the Bush legacy as of 2016.  The weaponized narrative of Dennis Prager is another example of “with jews- we lose.”

How The Jews Kill: Dennis Prager’s Zionist Radio Propaganda

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