How The Jews Kill: Charles Krauthammer’s Lethal Strain of Zionism


Born in March 13, 1950, Charles Krauthammer is an expert jewish propagandist. Today he’s primarily known for his prominent role as a Neo-Conservative political pundit on Fox News.  He promotes what is known as Neo-Conservatism, a jewish political movement identified with using US military might to pursue Zionist interests around the world.

According to his “official” biography up at Wikipedia, we find Charles Krauthammer as one of a long line of jewish intellectuals. He studied medicine at Harvard University earning his M.D. in 1975.  From 1975 to 1978, Krauthammer was a Resident and then a Chief Resident in psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital.In 1984, he became board certified in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

In 1978, Krauthammer moved to Washington, DC, to direct planning in psychiatric research under the Jimmy Carter administration. He worked at what is now called the “National Institute of Mental Health.”

In 1980, he served as a speech writer to then Vice President Walter Mondale. Four years later, after Walter Mondale lost in an historic landslide in the re-election of Ronald Reagan, Krauthammer decided it was time to change sides.  I’m not referring to supporting the Republicans instead of the Democrats, I’m referring to Krauthammer’s allegiance to Israel first, before America.

A year later, in 1985, as U.S. support was flowing to the Mujahideen (now known as Al-Qaeda), and the Nicaraguan “Contras”, he penned a column for Time magazine describing such practices as “Reagan Doctrine,” and the name stuck.  It was used to describe an interventionist mindset, in the US being policeman of the world, and shifting its weight into every sovereign nation on earth.  A year later, the “Reagan Doctrine” was credited with nearly bringing down the administration in what is now known as the Iran-Contra affair.

The “Reagan Doctrine” took on new meanings over the years, most recently re-branded as the “Bush Doctrine”; the post 9/11 notion of preventive warfare.  In other words, you annihilate a foreign nation before it might pose some type of danger in the future.  The “Bush Doctrine” was used as justification for preemptive warfare, the disastrous US wars in the Middle East that has cost trillions of dollars and resulted in the injuries of well over one hundred thousand Americans.

In truth, Krauthammer jumped on the Neo-Conservative bandwagon when it was fashionable to do so.  “I’d always been a Democrat,” Krauthammer confirmed. “I was a Great Society liberal on domestic issues. I even worked in the Carter administration and did some speech writing for Walter Mondale.” But, Krauthammer said, “My evolution came in the 1980s when the Democrats were talking about a nuclear freeze.”

Yes, you read that correctly.  Krauthammer jumped ship to the Republican camp because he was in favor of deploying nuclear weapons on the battlefield.  This is key to understanding Charles Krauthammer; his love for war and the death of innocents.  And his distaste for peace.

Immediately following the 9/11 attacks, Krauthammer used his syndicated newspaper column and the mainstream media to make it clear that the enemies of Israel, are the enemies of the United States.  He also made it clear that the Muslim world was a threat, and called for a new era of US military interventionism in just about every foreign country. The basis for this foreign policy is in a document produced by a think-tank called the Project For A New American Century (PNAC); of which Krauthammer was a signatory to.  PNAC declared that a new Pearl Harbor was needed to plunge the US into endless wars for Israel and Wall Street.  Of the twenty-five people who signed the PNAC’s founding statement of principles, ten went on to serve in the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the notorious Zionist Paul Wolfowitz.

As spokesmouth for PNAC, Krauthammer endorsed the George W. Bush
administration’s pursuits and “admirable commitment to ‘lead the world to victory’ in the war against terrorism.” As with any Israel-First type of organization, PNAC called for the US to isolate “the Palestinian Authority, target Hezbollah and its supporters in Syria. PNAC also argued that “even if evidence does not link Iraq directly to the attack, any strategy aiming at the eradication of terrorism and its sponsors must include a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.” The costs of PNAC’s Israel-first policy are listed here:

In the fifteen years since 9/11, Krauthammer has been a tireless cheerleader for endless war and the US surveillance state.  If there’s someone who fits the description of a Warmonger, it is Charles Krauthammer. Like all good propagandists, he is given a daily platform in the mainstream media to keep promoting US military intervention worldwide on behalf of Israel. Most recently, he has been a staunch proponent of U.S. confrontation with Russia. Krauthammer’s dislike for any type of US peace agreement leads one to believe that he may be an asset of Israeli intelligence.  Among Krauthammer’s key targets is the Iranian regime. In his many columns and TV appearances he justifies any potential preemptive strike by Israel against Iran’s nuclear installations.

Despite his long affiliation with the Neo-Conservative brand, Krauthammer strangely rejects the Neo-Conservative label as type of “anti-Semitic” smear.  “It is an epithet. It is nothing more,” he told the “National Review”‘s Rich Lowry in a January 2013 interview. “It once had a meaning, when Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz sort of changed their political ideology and made a great case for it in the 1970’s. Today it’s usually meant as a silent synonym for ‘Jewish conservative.'”

Krauthammer uses his experience in psychiatry to refer to his political opponents as “sick”with various mental illnesses and frequently jokes about their need to take poisonous psychiatric medications. For Krauthammer to be a psychiatrist is fitting, as the dispensing of these poisonous psychotropic drugs is silently killing scores of non-jews around the world.

For example, if you were you against the senseless Iraq war, then Doctor Krauthammer had a diagnosis for you:

“The media could use some lithium. Not since I studied bipolar disease 25 years ago have I seen such dramatic mood swings as in the coverage of the first week of the Iraq war.” (Washington Post, 3/28/03)

From watching him as a talking head on television, most people don’t realize that Charles Krauthammer has been using a wheelchair since the age of 22. He was supposedly paralyzed from the neck down after diving head first into a shallow swimming pool. He is often quoted as saying; “Better to be paralyzed from the neck down than the neck up.”

Even with that type of catastrophic disability, he later married and somehow managed to foster a son named Daniel. To our knowledge, Daniel Krauthammer has not enlisted with the US military to fight for Israel.


It should be noted that Krauthammer’s wife is also a fervent Zionist, dedicating her life to promoting the interests of jewish music.

Charles had a strange relationship with his brother Marcel, who died back in 2006. Here’s the official obituary.

Here Charles describes what was almost an incestuous relationship with his brother:

“He was four years older and a magnificent athlete: good ballplayer, great sailor and the most elegant skier I’d ever seen.”
“For those three months of endless summer, Marcel and I were inseparable, vagabond brothers shuttling endlessly on our Schwinns from beach to beach, ballgame to ballgame. Day and night we played every sport ever invented, and some games like three-step stoopball and sidewalk Spauldeen, we just made up ourselves. For a couple of summers we even wangled ourselves jobs teaching sailing at Treasure Island, the aptly named day camp nearby. It was paradise.” Sounds like Charles was in love with his brother. What medication should be prescribed?

Today, Charles Krauthammer’s net worth is an estimated $8 million. It is strange that he somehow amassed such a tidy sum not as a doctor but as as political writer, a field not exactly known for paying lucrative salaries.  He is so wealthy he has a started a foundation,  devoted to promoting of jewish composed music.

In order for the US psychiatric industry and its enablers in Big Pharma, new diseases must constantly be invented and re-invented.  During his time as a psychiatrist, Krauthammer is noted for inventing a new disease that is now classified as a subset to Manic Depression.  it is called “Secondary Mania: Manic syndromes associated with antecedent physical illness or drugs.” It is hailed today as a commercial success for the pharmaceutical industry; and since it was written in 1978 there’s been an explosion in the number of medically diagnosed types of Bipolar disorder. However, at the time of Krauthammer’s 1978 paper, Manic Depression was almost unknown in the United States, especially for children.

“Today, the U.S. has the highest bipolar rate in the world—40 times the rate of India, for instance. Many are suspicious of the astronomical jump in these diagnoses.”

Krauthammer is also a proponent of what is called political psychiatry.

Here he calls for “more-aggressive psychiatric intervention. These massacres are almost invariably perpetrated by severely disturbed, isolated, often delusional young men.”

What Krauthammer is describing are his political opponents.  “Loner, socially isolated, often immersed in a fantasy world of violent video games. There are myriad such young men out there, but with different ages of onset, in different stages of derangement. Only a handful will ever harm anyone. What to do? Forcibly apprehend them, treat them, put them on perpetual preventive parole? By the tens of thousands”

For example, do you think the official narrative on television should be questioned? Do you like to play video games? If so, then according to Dr. Charles Krauthammer, you may be diagnosed as “delusional”, and in need of confinement i.e. “aggressive psychiatric intervention”.

It is perhaps Krauthammer’s confinement to a wheelchair that has something to do with this type of chronic nastiness and his love of war. During his tenure, at the Science Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, Rockville, Maryland, the US had already been fighting a losing, but profitable “War On Drugs”for decades. Krauthammer’s office was in-charge of issuing government propaganda justifying such a war.  One report we found claimed all sorts of misleading statistics like; “Nearly 80% of youths who used illicit drugs and more than three-fourths of youths who were drunk on 51 or more days in the past year reported being exposed to drug prevention messages outside school.”

Krauthammer is still a fervent cheerleader for the still ongoing “War on Drugs”. Here he is on the Bill O’Reilly show in 2014, he speaking out against the legalization of any drugs.
Like many other jewish intellectuals, Krauthammer claims that any criticism of him is “anti-semetic” as we can see in his column here:

Have you ever wondered why talking heads such as Krauthammer get to keep their spots on TV, when they are wrong about so many things?  Others have as well. The Democrat website; once asked; “Why is Charles Krauthammer so respected, when he’s been wrong about everything?”

The answer is that Krauthammer’s just one of many jewish propagandists, paid to repeat the same message over and over again in attempt to influence the public. He often appears on TV suited up nicely and with a soft and calm demeanor.  Here he is speaking out against Donald Trump.

It should also be noted that Krauthammer is also a current member of the influential Council on Foreign Relations. (CFR)

For those who are unaware, the CFR has been the training ground for America’s political pitch men since the early 1920’s, to enable successive generations of leaders to keep the US on course with the Zionist-led New World Order.

Krauthammer is not shy about publicly discussing mind control techniques, some of which he uses on TV. What makes a great jewish propagandist, is the mastery of mind control.
All in all, for a jewish grandfatherly man in a wheelchair, Charles Krauthammer packs quite a punch, and wields a tremendous amount of influence. So much in fact, we have to say; “With Jews…..we lose!”


How The Jews Kill: Charles Krauthammer’s Lethal Strain of Zionism

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