Counter-Intelligence Database: Jared Kushner


The most troubling aspects to Donald Trumps candidacy are his lifelong and family connections to international jewry and Zionism. Is Trump for real?  Or is he a “stealth” candidate controlled by the Democrats placed on the national stage in order to torpedo the G.O.P. establishment, and allow Hillary to the throne?  As of this writing, it appears that the answer is neither.  Instead, Trump has chose to play the role of someone who he was once well acquainted with, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch.

“In a feud over Trump’s proposed Trump complex on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the real estate tycoon found a match in the then-New York Mayor Edward Koch. After Koch opposed Trump’s grandiose plans, the two hurled insults such as “stuck pig” (Koch’s) and “moron” (Trump’s). Trump City never was built.”


During his rocky tenure, Koch was frequently accused of racism. Whether Koch was really a “racist” is a matter of debate, but Koch did reveal himself to be a “racial opportunist”. Trump is also an opportunist. He has zeroed in on what “the masses” find “offensive” about the state of politics in the US and uses that as his “talking points”. We note that historically,  Trump has changed his position on a variety of topics when he has misjudged or misunderstood the ever-shifting whims of “the masses”. Trump’s lucrative
career is mainly due to his constant self-promotion, a technique he likely picked up from being around the jews.

Not only has Donald Trump touched a nerve, he’s basically defied the mainstream media’s anti-white narrative.  If he is elected President, many things will be up for grabs in the political arena. The jewish lobby will try to use Donald Trump for their own ends, which is more war to benefit the state of Israel.  Specifically, a ground invasion of either Syria or Iran.

Donald’s Trump’s daughter, Ivanka married a jewish man named Jared Kushner in 2009. But before she did, Ivanka voluntarily converted to judaism, a fact that Donald sometimes references in his campaign speeches. It has long been claimed that Ivanka has a preference for dating jewish men. During college, she dated a jewish man named Greg Hirsch for four years. From 2001-2005, she dated a jew named James “Bingo” Gubelmann, who is noted for being an Indie film producer.

“Bingo Gubelmann, brother of socialite Phoebe Gubelmann, and cousin of Marjorie Gubelmann Raein, a New York-Palm Beach axis working socialite. Bingo produced the HBO documentary, ‘Born Rich’, that chronicled the offspring of the country’s wealthiest families, including Ivanka and her friend Christina Floyd. The film was directed by Jamie Johnson, one of the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. Nominated for two Emmy Awards, ‘Born Rich’ showcased the lives and comments of the twenty-something heirs to many high-profile families, including Vanderbilt, Whitney and Newhouse.”

The Occidental Observer has noted the significance of jewish intermarriage in our political system.

“Of further note is Ivanka’s very close friendship with Chelsea Clinton, another progeny of the American power elite, who married the Jewish financier Marc Mezvinsky in 2010. The Trump and Clinton situations are excellent examples of the centuries-old practice of strategic Jewish intermarriage with native elites”

“Ivanka Trump met Jared Kushner in a heavily-Jewish social milieu built around the upper echelon of corporate real estate. The social circles are mutual.”

So really who is Jared Kushner?

Here’s a good introduction to him by Forbes Magazine:

Jared was raised in a Jewish family in New Jersey. He graduated from the Frisch School, a private, co-ed yeshiva high school in Paramus, New Jersey, and from Harvard College in 2003. In July 2006, at age 25, Kushner purchased the “New York Observer”, a weekly New York City newspaper, for $10 million. The “New York Observer” has an affluent readership of Manhattanites and those in wealthy social circles who like to spend their summers in places like the Hamptons. Most of the coverage in the “New York Observer” is local with lots of news about art gallery openings and a large real estate advertising section. It’s a pretty mainstream newspaper, and rarely features anything out of the ordinary.

The key to knowing Jared Kushner, is to know his father.  Jared Kushner is the eldest son of a notorious and corrupt NYC real estate developer named Charles Kushner.

Charles Kushner is noted for being convicted of tax evasion, illegal campaign donations and witness tampering in 2005.

Interestingly, Jared Kushner is a longtime financial contributor to the Democratic Party. He has contributed over $100,000 to various campaigns between 1992 and 2006. This article claims that “Observer Owner Jared Kushner: $100,000 In Political Contributions Since 1992”

The article quotes research by the “Bergen Record” newspaper who found that “A close review by The Record of (Charles) Kushner’s donations in the last five years shows just how grand his largesse really is: In that time, Kushner, his family, and business associates funneled at least $3.1 million to political committees and politicians.”

“(Charles) Kushner’s four children gave almost $300,000, some even before they were old enough to vote. On a single day in March last year, Kushner’s contribution network gave $237,000 to the state Democratic Committee.”

In 2004, the “New York Times” claimed that Charles Kushner was “one of the top Democratic contributors in the country.”

“Charles Kushner pleaded guilty in August 2004 to filing false tax returns, hiding illegal campaign donations and retaliating against his sister — a government witness — by hiring a prostitute to entrap her husband.”

Not surprisingly, the well-connected Charles Kushner received preferential treatment during his incarceration:

“With his father more than 1,000 miles away in a federal prison in Montgomery, Ala. (he was sentenced to serve time there because of a special program for Orthodox Jewish prisoners), Jared became the de facto Kushner paterfamilias.”

Jared Kushner married Ivanka Trump, daughter of businessman Donald Trump, in a jewish ceremony on October 25, 2009.Ivanka Trump converted to judaism before marrying Kushner.The couple have two children. On September 24, 2015, Ivanka Kushner announced she is expecting the couple’s third child. By our count, Donald Trump will soon have three jewish grandchildren.

This blog is very critical of Trump allowing jewish influence into his family. It also has some pictures of the Trump inner-circle.

Jared Kushner is an enthusiastic supporter of technology and the internet, so it was strange to seem him get involved with the purchase of the “New York Observer” newspaper.  For a 25 year old to purchase a traditional print newspaper in 2006 was so odd, we assume it was his father or another family member that pressured him into it. As you can read here, he’s had a rocky relationship with the newspaper staff.

“Mr. Kushner also found it difficult to work alongside his editors. Sometimes he was in open conflict with his editorial staff, who often paid him little respect.  One day in early 2009, a security breakdown in The Observer’s computer system allowed employees access to one another’s hard drives. A few staff members with prying eyes went into Mr. Kushner’s and found a file with an intriguing name. They opened it and found pictures of their boss and Ms. Trump, his girlfriend at the time, and Billy Joel aboard Mr. Murdoch’s sailboat, Rosehearty.

For a group that had seen its ranks shrunk by layoffs and demoralized by pay cuts, the sight of their young publisher surrounded by such decadence was a sore one.”

Jews throughout history are known for attempting to mold public opinion by controlling certain media interests. Some say jews are instinctively drawn towards these culture-shaping positions in our society.

According to this Fox News article Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have hosted political fundraisers in the recent past, including one for Democratic Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey. Senator Booker has a close relationship with a strange jewish pal named Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. He brands himself as “America’s Rabbi”, and champions the usual jewish and zionist causes. Rabbi Shmuley is also a TV talking head who is credited with writing over 30 books. In a column he penned for the Huffington Post , Shumley described his odd relationship with the Christian African-American Cory Booker, rather strangely:

“Cory served as President of my Jewish student organization at Oxford University. He bounced my children as babies on his knee. He cooked “kosher soul food” at my home with other students. We spent countless Shabbat dinners together. He danced up a storm at all our kids’ celebrations, most memorably at my daughter’s wedding. And we have studied thousands of hours of Torah together.”

Reading the Huffington Post article, one wonders if Cory Booker is simply a Democrat puppet of jewish/Zionist political power?

Jared Kushner spends much of his time on real estate dealings in the NYC area. Not all of his dealings are “kosher”, as we can see from these headlines:

“Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner forcing residents out of East Village building so he can get higher rents: tenants”

and this one:

“Pols Back Kushner Tenants Who Say They’re Being Muscled Out”

The key to truly knowing Jared Kushner is found by studying his corrupt father Charles, and his family’s circle of influence. For example; Jared Kushner’s brother – Joshua Kushner, is also widely known in the Goldman Sachs corrupt jewish circles, responsible for all kinds of million dollar type deals. We also note that the Kushner family has some business interests in the apartheid state of Israel, as well as a connection to Netanyahu, the country’s Prime Minister. There’s a lot more to tell you about
Jared Kushner so we will end this on a TO BE CONTINUED note.

Counter-Intelligence Database: Jared Kushner

8 thoughts on “Counter-Intelligence Database: Jared Kushner

  1. Mohammed Cohen says:

    Jared Kushner and his entire family are deeply connected with select number of highly influential Zionists and anti-Arab elite circles of New York city with deep connections with Washington DC and close ties with who’s who of Hollywood and the important circle of high power friends in print media. Kushners are die-hard Zionists with well known internal fact that they despise and ridicule the “goyims” and this is one of the most significant factor that played the most demanding role in Ivanka to convert into Judaism if she wanted to marry Jared as dictated by her parents and their religious advisors. There aren’t going to be any surprises when we all will find out how the entire Trumps pro-Israel and anti Arab policies would shape the future of America. One factor that is playing significant role in selecting Trumps cabinet is to qualify those who have track record and proven history to be pro-Israelis and anti Iran. Case in point… Guliani and soon to be appointed crazy war mongering John Bolton. Worse is yet to come for America!


  2. AC Smith says:

    I love how every other word used is “CORRUPT” What about Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law and her daughter’s grandfather Edward Maurice “Ed” Mezvinsky, , who is a convicted Felon for FRAUD not tax evasion, but like I previously said F R A U D!.


  3. AC Smith says:

    Ed Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law embezzled more than $10 million dollars. In 2001, Ed Mezvinsky was convicted of 31 (out of 69!) charges of fraud, and served five years in federal prison. His fraud charges included bank, mail, wire, as well as other offenses involving financing bogus oil development and other trade deals in Africa. But don’t think Ed doesn’t keep it in the family. In addition to his law clients and friends, he even bilked his own (now deceased) mother-in-law out of money. NOW THAT’S A REAL SCUMBAG!!!


  4. J R from West Orange, NJ says:

    I have heard that there is soon to be released an expose on Jared Kushner for a bank he owns in Livingston, NJ


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