How the Jews Kill: Using US Immigration Policy for a White Genocide


The recent howls of protest against Donald Trump’s call to temporarily restrict muslim immigration into the US reminded us of how special interests always rule the roost.

Many have rightly pointed out how the Jewish lobby
uses immigration to destroy its political opponents. One example would be Israel’s destabilization of its nearest neighbor, Syria which has led to a refugee crisis of historic proportions. In the debate surrounding the issue, it is never suggested that Israel be forced to take Syrian refugees. The debate is over whether the white nation-states in Europe
even have an option to refuse such an unprecedented onslaught of immigration.

In the last fifty years, the jewish lobby has used both the Democrat and Republican parties to dramatically shift the demographics in the United States in such a way that white people are now a minority in their own country.  Contrary to mainstream media “reporting”, many US cities
are already “majority-minority”. In cities where this is not the case, few white people are seen walking on the streets or in the stores, leading one to believe that the “white majority” in these cities is aging rapidly. White
consumers over the age of 55 plus, do not spend as vigorously as when they were thirty years younger. So their absence in even moderate numbers in shopping centers should not be a surprise to anyone.

Republicans have long claimed that the Democrat party wants “open border” style immigration so they can win future political elections by changing the demographics. This is only partially true, and usually only for the initial wave of immigrants. It takes just a generation, and then the votes of offspring are up for grabs; they do not grow up to remain permanently attached to the to the Democrat party forever.

Wall Street is a major, and often ignored big proponent of unrestricted immigration. In our Wall Street based economy, new consumers
are always needed, and the economy must forever be kept growing. If the economy doesn’t grow, or contracts; then a “recession” is announced, and we all know what that’s like have just survived the latest protracted one.

Much of today’s Fortune 500 companies rely on the latest technology for their day to day operations.  Technology companies in California’s Silicon Valley especially need technically sophisticated workers, and love to import them from foreign countries, where they’ll usually work for less than native born Americans.

Wall Street also needs a fresh supply of fodder for the unskilled job market, which includes the menial and minimum-wage jobs. When President George W. Bush justified his immigration policies for providing the human capital to Wall Street for the jobs that the natives “aren’t willing to do”, he was only partially correct. Businesses that have trouble finding unskilled workers for low-paying jobs is mostly a result of historically low white US birthrates. In 2013, the Census Bureau officially announced what many had expected; that there were now more deaths than births among non-hispanic whites.

Low or non-existent birthrates among whites, means less future workers. We’ve seen the dramatic effects of thisover the last twenty years, as most of the menial jobs are now performed by immigrants, for whom english
is a second language.

Many Libertarians play right into Wall Street’s hands on the immigration issue.  They believe that a nation’s domestic policies should be determined by unrestricted markets.  In fact, many Libertarians view the United States as being under-populated.

You many want to think about the idea of America being underpopulated the next time you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam.

But the real reason is that US immigration policy has always been up for grabs to whatever special interest is in power.  For the US, that usually means the Jewish lobby is operating behind the scenes. Opposition to any current immigration policy is largely dependent on which
political party is in charge of the floodgates. In other words, which Presidential administration.  Right now, we’re seeing the entire Democrat electorate protesting Donald Trump’s idea to temporarily restrict immigration from Muslim countries. This is astonishing as Trump is only a candidate, and the nomination is about eight months away.  Obviously, Trump has struck a never, as even many Republican leaders have chimed in, claiming it is somehow “unamerican” to restrict immigration based on religious beliefs.

The reality is religion is often the deciding factor for US immigration policy, especially when the Democrats are in power. They claim that Trump is just like Hitler. Actually, Trump is just like Jimmy Carter.

Obama’s Democrats have forgotten that thirty-five years ago, President Jimmy Carter ordered 50,000 Iranian students inside the US to report to the nearest immigration office for a review of their visas. The courts capitulated with the Carter administration, allowing the forced deportation of Iranian students found in violation.

When Senator Frank Lautenberg, a jewish Democrat from New Jersey passed away, the jewish lobby gushed over his biggest accomplishment;

“Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey Senator Who Opened Gates to Soviet Jews, Dies at 89”

Lautenberg was able to usher in a flood of Soviet Jewish immigration into the US just prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In other
words, while the US was waging the “Cold War” with the USSR; Lautenberg was able to allow them to enter the US.  Didn’t anyone question whether that posed a threat to “national security”?

“The first Lautenberg Amendment passed in 1990 facilitated the emigration of Soviet Jews by relaxing stringent standards for refugee status, granting immigrant status to those who could show religious persecution in their native lands.

The Lautenberg amendment loosened a restriction that required potential refugees to show a risk of imprisonment or death, allowing those who could show that their religion restricted their lives and careers to apply for immigrant status.

The amendment led to the emigration of tens of thousands of Soviet Jews and also was extended to religious minorities in Iran, Vietnam, Burma and other countries.”

As the Lautenberg Amendment eased the way for a mass influx of these refugees into the United States, it led to the Soviet Union opening its gates to emigration; glad to allow Soviet Jewry to the country en masse.

Quite appropriately, an example of useless government spending is now named in the late Senator’s honor. The Frank R. Lautenberg
Train Station was designed to ease congestion on a commuter rail line, but instead added to delays on already over capacity trains.

Since jews realize they can never become a majority in the US, they have done their best to sabotage it. We can credit Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Congress with pushing immigration as a way to change the demographics of the US.  The American Jewish Congress is all too happy to accept generous donations from wealthy Wall Street interests.

A liberal jewish Republican Senator from New York named Jacob Javits can be credited for inspiring the 1965 Immigration Act, a policy that encouraged massive non-European immigration into the US.  Javits  authored an article entitled; “Let’s Open Our Gates.” that called for massive unrestricted immigration into the US from Third
World Countries. From that time forward, the federal government also decided to allow for lax immigration enforcement along our southern border with Mexico. In fifty years, the 1965 Immigration Act has transformed the American society from being nearly 90 percent White in the early 1960s to less than 60 percent at the end of the 2015.  To honor Javits, two buildings have been named after him in New York City.  The Jacob Javits Convention Center and the Jacob Javits Federal Building, both of which are under mafia/mob control.

In 2015, the Jewish lobby still sees open immigration policies as key to breaking down the homogeneity and unity within America, while creating a multicultural society in which Jews can dominate. This massive non-White immigration into the US has been one of the most effective weapons of organized Jewry in its cultural and ethnic war against the European American.

What has all this wrought?

While allowing a tidal wave of tens of millions of immigrants from the Third World into America alone is not genocide, the next step makes it a part of the genocide.  The last twenty years have seen major propaganda efforts made to force White Americans to accept the changed demographics as something harmless called  “diversity”. However, the correct term is “Forced Assimilation“.

A combination of mass immigration (of different groups of people) plus forced assimilation qualifies as genocide, as defined by Article II, part (C) of the United Nations Genocide Conventions:

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

Keep in mind that the jewish plans for a White Genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of the nation. It has been done slowly over an extended period of time; a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of the native population, with the ultimate aim of physical  annihilation.

Until the average man and woman of ANY color accepts that this is a planned destruction by a specific race of people…the zionist jew,
then all this “diversity”will continue to move forward. Again, it must be emphasized that implementation for a White genocide run in tandem with Wall Street.  In our Wall Street-based economy, two-thirds of economic growth is driven by consumer spending. As the white demographic in the US ages and dies off, they are being replaced by new “consumers”.  The new ones are immigrants from the third world. Also, in order for Wall Street businesses to succeed, they need participation by a population that will abide by “diversity”.  Immigration provides for this.

As Americans continue to hand over to third world immigrants the nation their ancestors built, we can only say; “With Jews…we will all lose.”


How the Jews Kill: Using US Immigration Policy for a White Genocide

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