Are the Supreme Court Justices ‘Artificial Life Forms’?

An interesting article recently appeared in the mainstream press, regarding how President Obama’s use of Executive Orders is paving
the way for the candidacy of Donald Trump. The Associated Press article states; “The Supreme Court very rarely issues rulings on presidential power. It tends to try to duck cases where somebody tries to say the president doesn’t have the power to do something,” said Posner, who has written on the rise of executive power in “The Executive Unbound.”

The description of the bizarre behavior of the Supreme Court reminded us of the works of a pioneering “Conspiracy Theorists” named Dr. Peter Beter.  Years ago, he suggested that the Justices on the Supreme Court are not human at all, that they’ve been “replaced” with entities known as “Organic Robotoids” created by the Zionist Intelligence assets in order to better control society from behind the scenes.

More and more it appears that the analysis of Dr. Peter Beter was correct.  A biography of him is here, and his work is archived here.

For the last fifty years the mainstream media has constantly asked scientists, “When will cloning of human beings take place?” The answer is that it already has- a long, long time ago.  The explosion of technology has not left the fields of genetic engineering and synthetic biology untouched.
Today, the mainstream media is full of articles like this; “Advances in genetic technology mean that creating synthetic animals has become just another branch of industrial design, according to Daisy Ginsberg.
Genetically modified animals such as micro pigs and mosquitos already exist, she said, and small artificial organisms are not too far away.”

The creation of artificial life-forms falls under the category of synthetic biology as well as genetic engineering in the realm of bio-technology.

Over thirty-five years ago, Dr. Peter Bete had some source for his inside information. Not all of his material is about “Organic Robotoids”, but most of it is “conspiracy-oriented.”  Dr. Beter decided to release the information on a series of audio cassettes, which were mailed
as a sort of audio-newsletter. Dr. Peter’s audio cassettes were not a mass success, were not taken seriously by the public.

As you can read from the Wikipedia article on Dr. Beter, he was a staunch
supporter of George Wallace. Today, Dr. Peter Beter would be referred to as “White Supremacist”, or a “racist”, as George Wallace was a proponent of racial segregation. Also, when listening to Dr. Peter Beter’s audio tapes,
one hears his occasional references to Christianity, which leads one to believe that Peter Beter found company in certain Evangelical Christian circles.

While I cannot vouch for all of Dr. Beter’s claims, with the growth of the internet, we can concede that he was certainly onto something, as the “official” or mainstream media narratives really don’t hold up to any type of scrutiny.  Whenever Dr. Beter spoke about “Organic Robotoids” he also conceded that his audience would have a hard time accepting his “Intel.”

Dr. Beter’s claims about the “Organic Robotoids” actually equal some of most far-out science fiction films about “replicas”, “Simulations” or “Clones”.  But Dr. Beter presented his narrative in his audio-cassettes as “fact”, not science fiction.

If you listen to these audio-cassettes, Beter claimed that our own National Security apparatus used the latest technology in synthetic biology to not only create an artificial life-form, they were able to create “clones” of
various political leaders. Beter also claimed that the national security apparatus would murder off certain political leaders and their associates en masse, and then created “replacements” of them.  These “Organic Robotoids”, which they could more closely control from a distance.
Even in today’s Conspiracy milieu on the internet, this is quite an outlandish claim to make.

In subsequent audio newsletters, Beter claimed that copies of important people such as Presidents and some of their staff were being made.
These artificial life-forms also replaced the Justices sitting on our own Supreme Court, the highest court in the land.

Was President Jimmy Carter really replaced by an artificial life-form?

“For instance, the Jimmy Carter who came to Portland a few years ago who I stood two feet away from and examined visually was not the Jimmy Carter that had run for President. On Easter, 1979 the first robotoid model of Jimmy Carter replaced the man Jimmy Carter. By the time “Carter” was seen by me, they must have been on at least robotoid no. 100. This is why a friend of mine who was recently in Washington D.C. almost bumped into President Clinton jogging. My friend was surprised by the lack of security.”

Dr. Beter claims that President Jimmy Carter was “replaced” with an “Organic Robotoid” in 1979. This was the same year as the
bizarre “Jimmy Carter Bunny Rabbit Incident”.  Was this the “incident” where President Jimmy Carter murdered by our own military?

Dr. Beter claims that the “Organic Robotiods” in the US were under the control of “Russian Bolsheviks”. If he were alive today, Dr. Beter would refer to these “Russian Bolsheviks” under their current name as the  “neo-conservatives” or “Zionists”.  These jewish menaces practice a political philosophy traced back to something known as Trotskyism,

Before he passed away, Dr. Beter apparently suffered some type of electromagnetic harassment as he claimed to have survived through three or four heart attacks. Knowing what we now know about the existence of such electronic and electro-magnetic devices, it does appear they have been used widely and covertly on every-day US citizens.  Still little
is known about domestic counter-intelligence operations on US soil, and the National Security Agency has apparently exempted itself from any and al FOIA requests. But who really controls the National Security
Agency (NSA)? Officially, it is part of the Pentagon. As Commander-In-Chief, does our fearless leader, Barack Hussein Obama control the NSA? Or is it under the auspices of a foreign power, located in the Middle East?  Is the NSA controlled by a country known as Israel?  If Dr. Beter is correct, the “Russian Bolsheviks” have long fled to Israel, since its establishment in 1948.

Synthetic life-forms on the Supreme Court? Before you laugh it off as just an outrageous claim by a mentally-ill “Conspiracy Kook”,
one needs to consider the odd behavior of the “Justices” on the Supreme Court.  Can this bizarre behavior be explained?



“Justice Clarence Thomas has not asked a question from the Supreme Court bench since 2006. His majority opinions tend to be brisk, efficient and dutiful. Now, studies using linguistic software have discovered another Thomas trait: Those opinions contain language from briefs submitted to the court at unusually high rates.”

Has Justice Clarence Thomas really not asked a question since 2006? Apparently so, as even the liberal jewish talking head on CNN, Jeffrey Toobin noticed this last year:

Headline: Clarence Thomas’s Disgraceful Silence:
“As of this Saturday, February 22nd, eight years will have passed since Clarence Thomas last asked a question during a Supreme Court oral argument. His behavior on the bench has gone from curious to bizarre to downright embarrassing, for himself and for the institution he represents.”

The “Justices” on the Supreme Court are placed by Presidential decree, and these are lifelong positions. While Presidents will come and go every 4 to 8 years, the Supreme Court Justices are there forever. Since the Supreme Court holds tremendous power over the lives of everyday Americans (more so that any other government entity) we have to ask that if this technology exists, if it was deployed on the Supreme Court?  If so, this would be an ingenious way to manipulate society from behind
the scenes.

There’s plenty of strange behavior of the other Supreme Court justices as well.


“Ruth Bader Ginsburg “wasn’t 100 percent sober” at State of the Union”

Even the so-called “conservative” Justice, Samuel Alito has made some bizarre comments about Supreme Court rulings, including one about the  Bush Vs. Gore election of 2000.

“Justice Antonin Scalia frequently urges audiences to just “get over it.”


There was also his  “dissenting” opinion on gay marriage:
“Ask the nearest hippie”: The conservative SCOTUS justices’ opinions on marriage equality are hilariously bitter

Justice Scalia’s Gay Marriage Advice: ‘Ask the Nearest Hippie’

The bizarre and odd behavior of the Supreme Court Justices has also been noted by others:

Justice Clarence Thomas Wrote A Bizarre Opinion About Religion And The Constitution

We have to ask ourselves if “Organic Robotoids” were indeed a reality as Dr. Beter claimed in 1979, what can this technology accomplish
today?  We can assume that if it does exist, it is tightly kept under wraps and handed out to private industry intermittently.  Even with the leaps being made with genetically-modified organisms, no known company claims to have it available for the public. We have to assume
that the ability to create synthetic humans is quite sophisticated at this point in time.

We would also guess that  a gullible public, brainwashed for decades by the mainstream media wouldn’t know a synthetic lifeform if it bumped into one on the street. It does appear that doppelgangers, or body-doubles manufactured to perform suicide missions as discussed by Dr. Beter
are in use in our numerous military conflicts overseas. The strange case of Robert Bales comes to mind.

Others have noted that Synthetic Life-forms appear to be widley used domestically, notably in the celebrity world.  If the many blogs such as this one contain even a sliver of truth, some form of the technology does seem to be deployed.

“Little do “they” know that images like these are a gold mine/the mother lode (a key piece of evidence of stand-ins, doubles/multiples, clones and/or repla-CIA-ments) for those of us conspiracy “theorists” [or REALISTS, lol], us folk(s) ‘in-the-know’.

It has been alleged that in recent years,Organic Robotoids” were no longer useful and have themselves been repla-CIA-ed by some type of “synthetic human” technology.  Another possibility is that the “Synthetics” are just “regular” humans who had modifications made via plastic surgery or had certain genes altered to look more like the person are required to impersonate or “replace”.

The bottom line is short of an admission from the National Security apparatus, we have no way of knowing.  An investigative reporter would need to shadow or follow around an individual Supreme Court Justice for a period of several months, and document how many times he or she makes to a medical facility; as Dr. Beter always indicated that these “entities” are of high medical maintenance. Such surveillance would most likely attract the attention of the Federal Protective services who would then do everything in its power to subvert such an investigation.  The journalist in question would be subject of all sorts of harassment justified as a matter of national security.  For those not in the know, these methods are described as domestic counter-intelligence on US soil i.e. Homeland Security.

If Synthetic Life-forms are being used in our government, they’ve gotten away with it because the public has been taught from a very early age not to question things. And they’ve also been taught that those who do question things, are called “Conspiracy Theorists”, and they are to be shunned and ridiculed. However, if the Supreme Court “Justices”
are indeed “artificial life forms” programmed to behave a certain way behind the scenes, than the joke is on the American people!

Are the Supreme Court Justices ‘Artificial Life Forms’?

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