UNCENSORED: Alan Dershowitz Is A “Rape Culture”

By: Jonas E. Alexis originally posted to VeteransToday.com on December 16, 2015.  Removed from VeteransToday.com on December 17th, 2015.

Editor’s Note: I recently listened to a YouTube.com interview with “Gordon Duff”, who is involved with a website called VeteransToday.com. He claimed he was too afraid to run the following story by  Jonas E. Alexis on a public figure named Alan Dershowitz. Here it is, in its entirety. Uncensored.


“The whole world now knows about my rape charges? I can no longer propound one lie after another? The New York Times does not take my case seriously? How am I going to live in this world? I am too old for this.”

Alan Dershowitz, the “Israeli Hasbara mouthpiece,” got into trouble again. The former Harvard Law School professor got interrupted during a recent lecture at Johns Hopkins University when protesters held up a sign which said: “You Are Rape Culture.” Dershowitz instantly got the point. The New York Times itself has recently reported:

“A decade ago, he had defended a friend, a money manager named Jeffrey E. Epstein, after authorities in Palm Beach, Fla., found evidence indicating that he was paying underage girls to give him sexual massages. The lawyer led a scorched-earth attack on the girls and, with a team of high-priced lawyers, cut a plea deal for Mr. Epstein that the local police said was too lenient.”[1]

The obvious connection between Dershowitz and Epstein was that they are both part of the same tribe. Epstein was a millionaire, and Dershowitz, like Gollum who could not let the ring of power go, saw that he had to get his greedy hands into this “precious.” But both men obviously were Israeli agents:

“Along with prominent businessmen, Mr. Epstein’s friends included scientists, socialites and celebrities. He donated $30 million to finance scientific research at Harvard. President Bill Clinton and the actor Kevin Spacey flew aboard his private jet to Africa to discuss AIDS policy.

“Mr. Dershowitz also traveled on Mr. Epstein’s plane and was invited to join his chats with Ehud Barak, the former Israeli prime minister. The men grew so close that Mr. Dershowitz solicited Mr. Epstein’s feedback as he was writing books.

“In the interview in his Manhattan apartment, Mr. Dershowitz said Mr. Epstein was often surrounded by young women, but none struck him as underage. ‘I never got involved in his social life,’ he said.”[2]

Knowing Dershowitz’ repeated lies, you can pretty much say that the last sentence was a lie as well. Even the New York Times was on his case:

“However, in late 2005, around the time when Mr. Dershowitz and his family were vacationing at Mr. Epstein’s home, Palm Beach detectives were sifting through the trash outside.

“Acting on a tip, the authorities were investigating whether women working as assistants to Mr. Epstein were finding teenage girls to give him sexual massages. As the inquiry unfolded, detectives spoke with girls, some of whom were 15 or younger.

“After taking the case, Mr. Dershowitz responded, as was his way, with hardball tactics. He gathered information from the girls’ postings on social media accounts, which he claimed showed they were drug users or had lied to Mr. Epstein about their age.

“He also helped put together a defense team that included Roy Black, the prominent trial lawyer, and Kenneth W. Starr, who led the investigation into President Bill Clinton’s involvement with Monica Lewinsky.”[3]

Now listen to this very carefully:

“A local prosecutor, after meetings with Mr. Epstein’s defense team, recommended that he be charged only with a misdemeanor. The chief of the Palm Beach police department was so outraged by the proposal that he wrote a letter to the Justice Department asking it to get involved in the case.

“Over time, authorities found evidence suggesting that Mr. Epstein had paid dozens of girls for sexual services. However, Mr. Dershowitz and other lawyers struck a deal in which Mr. Epstein agreed to plead guilty in a Florida court to one count of soliciting prostitution and another of procuring a person under 18 for prostitution. At the same time, federal officials agreed not to bring charges against Mr. Epstein or any of his potential co-conspirators.”[4]

So, Dershowitz basically went to law school in order to sharpen his essentially Talmudic skills and to sophistically subvert the moral law and political order. If you don’t know how Dershowitzism works, just watch the debate between the man and Norman Finkesltein. If you are more of a scholarly person, then read Finkelstein’s Beyond Chutzpah.[5] If that is still impossible, then consider this.

For years, Dershowitz defends pornographic companies such as Penthouse and write crazy arguments saying that it was part of freedom. Pornography, according to Alan

Dershowitz, is not harmful.[6] When the pornographic movie Deep Throat came out in 1972, Dershowitz was on the front lines in defending Jewish actor Harry Reems for his role in the movie.

From 1977 to 1988, Dershowitz was a staunch defender of pornography, titling one of his essays “Justice: Connecting Pornography with Violence is Junk Science, Which Doesn’t Belong in Courts.”[7] This particular essay was published by Penthouse, a pornographic magazine, for which Dershowitz wrote about seventy-five articles, the majority of which were published during the latter half of the 1980s. Discounting numerous studies to the contrary without serious evidence,[8] Dershowitz propounded then that pornography has virtually nothing to do with violence and does not degrade people.

But by 2003, Jewish scholar Nathan Abrams debunked those stupid claims by arguing that the Dreadful Few are in pornography because they want to literally corrupt Christian culture. Citing Luke Ford, Abrams wrote that pornography “is just one expression of [the] rebellion against standards,”[9] which is another way of saying that Dershowitz himself was in rebellion against standards by defending pornography and redefining the moral order. Abrams meant it when he said:

“[O]lder generation of Jewish filmmakers and actors, here [Woody] Allen, [Stanley] Kubrick and [Ron] Jeremy, arguably not only increased the Jewishness of their work, but updated it to match the new post-1990 sensibility by defining it in increasingly sexualized (and pornographic) terms.”[10]

Now Dershowitz seems to think that he is invincible. Barry Meier of the New York Times again doesn’t seem to be persuaded:

“Last December, as part of a filing in an ongoing lawsuit, a woman charged that Mr. Dershowitz had sex with her when she was underage. Mr. Dershowitz called the claim an ‘outrageous lie’ and over the last year has faced fallout from the accusation.

“‘This is very serious,’ Mr. Dershowitz said last month at his apartment in Manhattan. ‘It involves my life, my legacy, my career, my history, my reputation.’”[11]

I can imagine Norman Finkelstein thinking,

“When was the last time that this half-fruitcake and half-mountebank says something that was truthful? ‘Outrageous lie’? Is this guy serious? Here I have been out of job since 2007 and no school will hire me because this man propounded one colossal lie after another about me, and now he is complaining that his legacy is at stake?

What legacy is he talking about here? Plagiarism? Using a high school syllabus as a scholarly source? Sony pictures as a reliable document?

“And didn’t this joker say that my late mother was a Nazi collaborator?”

As you probably know, Dershowitz was a professor at Harvard for years not because he has produced scholarly materials over the years. In fact, one can say that Dershowitz is anti-scholarship. He was at Harvard because, as the Talmud would have agreed, he knew how to lie and get away with it using epithets like “anti-Semitism.” Noam Chomsky called Dershowitz “a remarkable liar.” This is for good reason.

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UNCENSORED: Alan Dershowitz Is A “Rape Culture”

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