Will World War III Be Started By A Homosexual?

By: William Spencook


Many people have said over the years that Obama is likely to be the last US President. To accomplish this, it would have to involve orchestrating a catastrophic event along the lines of nuclear holocaust.Something like this would be right out of the Karl Marx playbook, which is now followed by the Democrat party.  If the National Security Agency choreographs a nuclear “war” with Russia, it will be the disposal of the US civilian population, something they have long viewed as little more than a consumer marketplace and in its final form, something ‘expendable’ to be disposed of in a final manner.


And who better to coordinate all of this?  In September 2015, Obama appointed an openly gay man, Eric Fanning, as Acting US Secretary of the Army.

After this Presidential appointment, many people asked themselves, “Isn’t the Army supposed to be the height of masculinity in our culture?” The answer is obviously, yes. But American Communism has a long history of subverting such norms. The tactic of Cultural Marxism has been adopted by the Democrat Party for the last thirty to forty years. And while technically, Obama hasn’t acted much like a stereotypical “radical Communist” during his nearly eight year reign of terror, he has promoted an authoritative type of Cultural Marxism across US societal lines. Sometimes called “political correctness”, it is a political ideology hell bent
on destroying all norms and traditions in order to establish new ones.

Obama’s promotion of homosexuality within America will likely be his defining moment.  His efforts to promote homosexuality outside of the US have not been met with such warmth:

Obama Spent $700 Million Promoting Homosexuality Overseas — and Bought Ill Will

The appointment of the openly homosexual Eric Fanning to head the US Army fulfills the lifelong sexual fantasies of many gay men- sexual relations with someone in the military. A quick check at any of the many free gay porn sites on the internet will confirm the popularity of this particular sexual fetish. Most of these gay porn websites list specific categories pandering to types of homosexual fantasies, such videos are tagged with descriptions such as “Military Muscle”, “Gay Army”, “Gay Soldiers”, “Uniforms” just to name a few.

“Uniforms worn by military men and police officers present an image of enhanced masculinity and authority that often has a strong sexual appeal to both straight women and gay men. For example, the popular 1970s disco group The Village People dressed up as gay fetish stereotypes, including a police officer, military man, and leather-clad biker.”


In the above pic, Eric Fanning is living out the homosexual fantasies of many gay men.

The adult practice of paraphilia is actually the correct term for homosexuality. The psychiatric and psychological professions, who have long been tasked with defining what is to be considered “normal” or “acceptable” in US society have previously used the terms, “sexual perversion” or “pervert” to accurately describe the behavior
of GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual or Transsexual) Americans as well as heterosexuals whose sexual practices fell outside of the perceived “norms” at a particular time. In social statistics, a practice outside of the majority is described as a “Sexual Deviance”, hence the label of a homosexual as as type of sexual deviant.

In homosexual circles, the acting out of such pornographic sexual fantasies in the “real world” is not only encouraged,
it is something to be bragged about. In US counter-intelligence psychological operations against US citizens, the appointment
of Eric Fanning rubber-stamps and legitimizes this sort of social behavior into the mainstream. “Living out one’s most fantastic sexual fantasies” is seen as the ultimate form of self-expression in today’s “anything goes, no criticism allowed” society.

The acceptance of the US public to homosexual marriage, can largely be attributed to the depiction of gay and lesbian characters
on television. “Ellen” would be the most premiere example, she’s just like one of the girls, except for…..Or “Seinfeld”, the jewish situation TV comedy whose characters describe homosexuality, with the non-judgmental caveat; “Not that there’s anything
wrong with that”, which is followed by the artificial sounds of audience laughter and applause.

It is of no coincidence that Eric Fanning often brags in mainstream media interviews that it is his lifelong worship of the Democrat Party
politicians that put him on the the road to “lead” the US Army:

“It was the New Hampshire primary after eight years of Ronald Reagan that led Eric Fanning to shift his career trajectory to politics and policy.

“The campaign hooked me on politics. I found my way into an internship on the Hill and decided I wanted to come back,” Fanning said. “I got a great job on the House Armed Services Committee, which is not easy to do. I was very lucky to get that. The chairman of the committee, for whom I was research assistant, was, within 16 months, Clinton’s first defense secretary, so I was over here in the Clinton Pentagon. The path kind of wrote itself very early on.”

For those who can’t recall, in the 1988 New Hampshire Democrat primary, a “candidate” named Michael Dukakis finished first, someone named “Dick” Gephardt finished second, and someone who nobody can remember named Paul Simon finished third.  In interview, Fanning doesn’t mention which of the Democrat candidates he supported, but we suspect it was the nerdy Congressman from Illinois, Paul Simon.

The appointment of the openly gay Eric Fanning to head the US Army is something of a crowning achievement from the jewish lobby.  It has long been claimed that their tireless promotion of homosexuality is done to undermine existing Western morality and to cripple a non-jewish society. Historically, the traditional family is the backbone of any strong nation. So when homosexuality becomes a societal “norm”, the society is thus weakened or crippled.

Many would assume that by placing an openly gay man to lead the US armed forces, it has effectively de-balled them in a major way. Actually, the opposite is true- it will make them even more brutal.

To understand this, we need to look at all sorts of depraved crimes
associated with homosexuality, which are obviously too many to mention for a single blog post.  There is some critical information posted here regarding the activities of  homosexual serial murder.

To make the US army even more brutal in its fight for Israel-first, the placing of a homosexual at the top is key. Even the eminent
pathologists Bernard Knight and Pekka Saukko stated that it is a fact that some of the most violent homicides ever seen by pathologists are perpetrated by male homosexuals.  The war crimes against civilians in the US’s never-ending wars in the middle east, will soon pale in comparison to what’s coming.

Initially, the “War On Terror” was conceived as as a Holy War, to be supported by the religious portion of the US populace. In theory, Christians in the United States would support a war against the civilian Muslim population to defend the “Chosen People” i.e. Israel. Fifteen years later, we now know this hasn’t worked out exactly as planned. While Christian Zionism is still very popular in the United States, and the jewish mainstream media propaganda machine still spewing out anti-Muslim propaganda non-stop, new approaches are obviously needed.  The appointment of Eric Fanning can be seen as a sort of a “Gay” front in the never-ending “War on Terror”.  There are also efforts to mobilize young people in the war against Islam, and the staging of a very deadly terror attack at a rock concert in Paris is another way of doing that.

CBS News, a longtime arm of the jewish lobby in America recently runs stories like this one to appeal to same people who support homosexual marriage:

“Inside look at ISIS’ brutal persecution of gays”

Instead the real brutality being displayed is not being inflicted upon gays, but by them:

Homosexuality and Murders

Perhaps the best example of a contemporary homosexual serial murderer would be that of Jeffrey Dahmer. His modus operandi was to spike the drinks of his victims with debilitating drugs, have sex with them and then kill them and eat their flesh, although not always in that order. Sometimes he would kill them before having sex with them. He killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Now, before we go categorizing Jeffrey as a homosexual, one needs to understand the definitions of homosexuality have changed dramatically over the years.  Not too long ago, gay activists pressured the APA (American Psychological Association) into massaging the definition of “homosexual” to exclude pedophiles who rape underage boys.

Now, the “link” between deviant sexual practices and cannibalism is not as far-fetched as it may sound. There were a number of copy-cat cases after Dahmer’s conviction. And let’s not forget the father of
homosexual cannibalism, was a jewish man named Tobias Schneebaum. This odd New York City character and AIDS activist decided he did not want to wait for the US to embrace homosexuality. Instead, he travelled to the remote regions of the planet where remote tribal villagers were said not to have societal taboos concerning homosexual practices.  In South America, Schneebaum was eventually accepted among the Harakmbut people of Peru, and the Asmat people in Papua.  Due to the isolated locations of these tribes, there was never significant exposure to homosexuality.  In fact, these tribes considered homosexual practices as a simple bodily function, and no judgements were made as to whether it was “good” or “bad”.  It was among the Harakmbut people that Schneebaum indulged not only in homosexual acts on the native tribemen, but in cannibalism on more than one occasion. He later bragged about his exploits at parties throwny by various GLBT advocacy groups in NYC.

A key prerogative for homosexuals is the normalization of sexual relations between Adults and Children. We see this is now dawning as a reality
with the promotion of gays in the Boy Scouts. In fact, Eric Fanning has long been a proponent of that:

“Fanning said he’s limited in the degree to which he can take part in LGBT organizations, but does contribute to pro-LGBT causes. Among them was a recent donation to Scouts for Equality, the organization the led the way for the Boy Scouts to approve a resolution ending its ban on gay youth.”

For Eric Fanning to be promoting pederasty is nothing new. From Ancient Greece to today, prominent homosexuals often long advocated the normalization of sexual relations between adults and children. Not many people remember the role of a once controversial organization called “NAMBLA: the North American Man Boy Love Association”. One of its former spokesmouths was the jewish homosexual “beatnik” poet, Allen Ginsberg. Interestingly, Ginsberg was once asked by a Justice of the Supreme Court in 1966 (during an obscenity trial related to the book Naked Lunch, by fellow Homosexual William Borroughs) whether at “some time in the future there will be a political party, for instance, made up of homosexuals.” Ginsberg replied, saying “this has already happened in a sense — or of sex perverts — and we can point to Hitler, Germany under Hitler” (The New York Times, August 10, 1997). It has been alleged that several Nazi brigades operated in the Third Reich. They were said to be unmatched in their brutality against certain segments of the civilian population.  This is only speculation, but others have wondered if this was a test to see if repressed homosexuality could be harnessed by a military for killing power.

If so, the appointment of Eric Fanning sets the US Army would confirm this practice.  Even though public opinion polling indicates that American have embraced homosexuality, it is still very much a taboo among segments of the populace; in other words it is still “repressed” in a sort of way.

Only this time, the US Army will be suing repressed homosexuality in its  killing for Israel.

There are other secrets about homosexuality that no one talks about. And that is- sexual relations between two members of the same sex are very, very different than that of two of the opposite sex.

Another secret is that contrary to what the psychological profession will admit, gay men more closely identify with women, than with other men.
We saw an example of this when Eric Fanning issued his first Tweet on Twitter where lyrics from a Taylor Swift song were quoted.

The recent legalization of homosexual marriage is just the beginning, not the end of the homosexual agenda in the US. To give you an idea of what is coming; “To date; the Obama-Biden Administration has appointed more than 250 openly LGBT professionals to full-time and advisory positions in the executive branch; more than all known LGBT appointments of other presidential administrations combined.”

Another dirty little secret is that homosexuals love to impose their lifestyle on everyone else. By force or rule of law if necessary. One
of the more popular rumors of the last eight years is that President Barack Obama is actually a lifelong homosexual. His current promotion
of transgenderism to the populace is taking the mainstreaming of sexual deviance to a whole new level. So what’s next in the homosexual agenda? One of the most overlooked stories of 2015 was the roll-out of media efforts to normalize Adult sexual relationships with underage children. “I’m a pedophile, you’re the monsters.”


Does this tactic in the headline sound familiar? That if you oppose pedophilia, you are the monster? Expect the jewish owned TV media to repeat this theme in countless ways, until Americans are brainwashed into thinking it is the new “normal”.  However, if Eric Fanning performs his role to start World War III, we may never see this become normal.

Will World War III Be Started By A Homosexual?

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