Of The Devil: An Unholy Alliance Between Homeland Security, Zionism and the Democrat Party


Recently I came across a biography of one of the detestable people working for the US Department of Homeland Security.  It listed someone named as the “Honorable”, Caitlin Durkovich, Assistant Secretary for “Infrastructure Protection” U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Not sure why someone who is tasked with stripping away basic human freedoms is described as “Honorable”, but the biography described her as follows;


“Ms. Durkovich was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She graduated from Duke University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts in public policy studies from the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy. She earned a Certificate in Business Strategy in 2003 from The Aspen Institute. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband, Simon Rosenberg, and their three children.”

What jumped out is the very jewish name of Simon Rosenberg.


Rosenberg has been described as being the “President and founder of the New Democrat Network, a leading, center-left think tank in Washington, DC. Rosenberg, a veteran of two presidential campaigns, including the 1992 Clinton War Room.”

The neo-conservatives don’t like Rosenberg, and complied a dossier of sorts on him here:


So now we have the very, very dangerous combination of a Zionist jew (and likely an Elder of Zion), married to a big-shot at the Department
of Homeland Security (DHS).   It’s worth mentioning that DHS has been involved in all sorts of mass murder events; including Sandy Hook Elementary, the Boston Bombing just to name two.


After nearly eight years of President Obama, Simon Rosenberg has been successful and America has been fundamentally changed, perhaps forever. And the new status quo is being upheld by Rosenberg’s wife, the Assistant Secertary for “Infrastructure Protection”.  Strange, that she won’t take on his jewish last name has her own.

Totalitarian regimes are always propped up by faceless bureaucrats, and Caitlin Durkovich is no exception. And as a bureaucrat, she’s doing a “good” job of it as we can see here:

72 DHS Employees on Terrorist Watch List

DHS has many objectives, one of which is erode basic human freedoms; such as “Freedom of Thought”.

Not only is Caitland Durkovich literally in bed with an Elder of Zion (her husband), she’s a longtime part of the US/Israel War Machine


You can read a more detailed biography about this “woman” here.

Also, do you oppose the transition of America into a nation of Third World immigrants?  Do you support Donald Trump for President? If so, you are someone that Caitlin Durkovich wants to “eliminate”.


Yes, that’s Caitlin Durkovich standing before a sign stating her intentions. If you oppose the genocide of white people in America, you are to be “eliminated” as the sign states.  Yes, you may have a right to an opinion, but she and DHS have a right to  you i.e. “eliminate racism”.


Do you oppose our nation’s endless wars in the name of Israel-First? Caitlin is a promoter of these endless wars for Israel-first as we can see here:

“ISIS is beginning to perpetuate cyberattacks,” Caitlin Durkovich, assistant secretary for infrastructure protection at the Department of Homeland Security, told company executives, as reported by Jose Pagliery at CNNMoney.

Now, Simon Rosenberg frequently makes appearances in the media, as a sort of jewish “Talking Head”.  Here’s a typical TV appearance for him.

“Fmr Clinton Campaign Adviser Walks Off Set Amid Heated Debate”
As an Elder of Zion, Rosenberg promoted the globalist TPP deal which gives International Jewry tremendous new powers.  Promotion of global trade agreements, such as Clinton’s job-killing NAFTA is a key agenda of the Jewish Lobby.

Note in the above video, Rosenberg discusses the promotion of global trade, and constantly finger-points at the “Republicans”. The elimination of the White Race is also a jewish promotion, as you can see here in this Fox News video where Rosenberg denies there has been any illegal immigration whatsoever under Obama.  One only needs to look around their own community to see how the Democrat Party and
Homeland Security have flooded our nation with illegal immigrants.

“Dem Strategist: Obama Has ‘Removed Threat of Deportation’ for Most Illegals”
Here is another example of Rosenberg bragging about how he has already
transformed America:

SR: The American people have changed dramatically. They are more southern and western, more suburban and exurban, more Asian and Hispanic, more immigrant and Spanish-speaking, more digital age in work habits than industrial age, and increasingly, as millennial as boomer.

Even the neo-conservative website, The Daily Caller says we can all blame the “unsung Democratic reformer named Simon Rosenberg played a key role in modernizing efforts that helped elect Clinton — and Barack Obama.”


Like most Zionist jews, he’s not shy about his plans for your future. You can read his published blog here.



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